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Blog series by daltxguy consisting of 11 parts so far

Part 1: Late Spring Vegetables and Herbs

12-14-2010 01:50 PM by daltxguy | 5 comments »

Sometimes to see the beauty of food, we have to get up close and personal. Here are some items growing in my garden.We are getting intense heat and drought this spring already. Some plants love the heat, for others it’s a signal to bolt, flower and set seed. Either way, you can enjoy the show… Purple Sage Cilantro Potato Peas Broccoli Chives Mustard

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Part 2: Knee high by 4th of Jan

01-07-2011 05:42 AM by daltxguy | 6 comments »

2 feet of rain in September, followed by 8 weeks drought in spring with 30C+ temps ( 90F+) followed by too much rain and a flood from the same storm which is (still) dumping on the Aussies got things off to a strange start but the combination of the moisture and heat and long days has brought things right in a hurry. The corn is knee high by 4th of Jan so we must be on schedule! and there is a veritable food forest thing happening. Here you can see the corn in the forefront, the sorghu...

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Part 3: Midsummer Night's Dream

01-27-2011 04:45 AM by daltxguy | 7 comments »

Mid January sunset over Murchison, New Zealand. Sun setting in the southwest at about 9:30pm. Mt Mantle in the distance at 1400m. ...unseen fairies are at work in my garden The peaches are suddenly ripe and ready. Not too many this year but much more than last year. The tree is only 3 years old. Golden Queen variety. First peach! An update on the sorghum bicolor – broom corn red sorghum. It has literally grown an inch a day. Planted on 15 November, 2010,...

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Part 4: Peak of summer

02-12-2011 04:51 AM by daltxguy | 19 comments »

The gopher didn’t see its shadow so it’s only 6 more weeks of summer( I think…lol). Things are beginning to ripen up. Sunflowers Sorghum is mile high and the ‘broom’ is blooming after 90 days of growth Corn husks are forming: Giant cauliflower – fed me for 4 days and the grapes beginning to show some color is bittersweet – beautiful but a reminder that the seasons are changing

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Part 5: Harvest time

03-17-2011 04:33 AM by daltxguy | 6 comments »

Cox’s Orange apple. I have a few more of these but not too many, only about 1/2 dozen or so apples on this young tree. Nashi pears – delicious! Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes Grape Harvest 3 of these things belong together….Can you guess which is the store bought tomato and which is the vine ripened, homegrown tomato? More tomatoes Harvest bounty Corn – absolutely delicious! Too many grapes, so I picked two collanders ...

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Part 6: How to grow a broom

04-08-2011 05:32 PM by daltxguy | 11 comments »

The red broom corn ( sorghum bicolor) has matured and the seed heads are now a brilliant reddish color ( as advertised). I didn’t really know how it goes from plant to broom so I looked it up and here is what I found out:When the seed peduncles ( isn’t that a fun word?) begin to turn from a yellowish color to a light green color then the seed heads should be cut off. Now, isn’t that strange? Normally things go from green to yellow in the fall. Nope these go gr...

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Part 7: How to grow a broom - part 2

04-27-2011 07:54 AM by daltxguy | 7 comments »

A little more about sorghum bicolor, proper drying, separating seed from broom and the start of my broom. After drying, the seeds must be removed. This is a matter of running your fingers along the length of the fibers and pushing the seeds off of the end. It takes a bit of effort but eventually you end up with a pile of seeds and what begins to look like a broom! To get a good shape on the broom, it’s important to hang it upside down to dry. Here’s what happens ...

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Part 8: How to grow a broom - part 3

05-01-2011 06:22 AM by daltxguy | 6 comments »

A few years ago I embarked on a quest to grow a broom. Several years ago I trimmed my cherry tree which has now become the broom handle. 18 months ago I received red broom corn seeds ( sorghum bicolor) which arrived too late for that growing season but last spring I planted them. 110 days later, the sorghum seeds were ripe.After drying the seed heads hanging upside down for several weeks, I finally harvested the seeds and the resulting ‘broom’ was finally ready to make into a rea...

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Part 9: Bread Ovens of Quebec

08-29-2011 04:01 PM by daltxguy | 10 comments »

History, culture, stories, legends and construction of clay bread ovens. Also instructions on bread making ”My aunt had been under an evil spell cast by a beggar for seven oreight days. The bread was not cooked on the inside and smelledlike rotten meat, although the crust was the way it should be. Theold folks used to say that poking needles into the bread andburning it would cast off a spell. So I did that, and the next day myaunt made some bread and it was as successful as it h...

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Part 10: Strawberry

01-11-2012 11:55 PM by daltxguy | 3 comments »

Yup, just one – actually I had 2. I ate them both.This was from 2 baby plants which I migrated from the (former) house site in town to the forest. I haven’t quite decided where to put them yet but there are a lot of pine trees where they would be happy – just trying to find the right combination of enough sun and a self perpetuating pine needle bed so that I won’t have to do any work.

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Part 11: Addicted to Weeds

02-05-2014 07:11 PM by daltxguy | 7 comments »

This is my wonderful source of foraging. I’m lucky to have Amber Westfall living very close and have been fortunate enough to attend one of her ‘plant walks’.Most of what I know about foraging plants in this area has come from her.This is her introduction to her weed eating addiction :

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