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Blog series by XploreOrganics consisting of 28 parts so far

Part 1: Best Potato Salad

01-11-2008 03:11 PM by XploreOrganics | 5 comments »

Even though we are no where near harvest time, maybe we have some left-overs from the garden or hey for now we can …shhh…buy it from the grocery store. I thought I would dedicate this series to some wonderful recipes using veggies and herbs…Maybe not just food recipes, I think I’ll throw in a few recipes for homemade cosmetics, beauty tonics and perhaps herbal teas…Feel free to join in and add your own recipes to this blog! BEST POTATO SALAD (serves 4 a...

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Part 2: Harvest Cold Plate

01-12-2008 06:27 AM by XploreOrganics | 4 comments »

Featured on this cold plate is: Mustard Spinach potato saladSpicy noodle saladDeviled egg in ramekinMixed in-season vegetables (Baby carrot & Lemon Cucumber) Mustard Spinach potato salad: Boil 10 medium potatoes until soft , Drain. Chop 3 cups of fresh garden spinach and boil for 2 minutes until soft (don’t over cook) Mash Potatoes and spinach together with: 1/4 cup mayo (fresh egg mayo is best)4 TBS butter1/4 cup milk (or soy milk)5 TBS yellow mustard4 TBS hon...

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Part 3: Noodle Soup

01-22-2008 11:35 AM by XploreOrganics | 5 comments »

This is a great quick and easy soup to ward of the winter woes: 6 cloves of chopped garlic1 chopped onion4 stalks of celery chopped2 large carrots chopped1/2 red pepper chopped(I chop it all in a food processor to save time) 1tsp parsley1 tbs sea salt1/2 tbp each of pepper, thyme, turmeric, rosemary, cayenne(optional). Boil above in 6 cups of water and 2cups of chicken or vegetable stock & 1 tbs olive oil. OR Boil bone-in skin-on chicken peices in 10 cups of water to ma...

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Part 4: Chicken burger on sprouted grain bun with spicy potato wedges

01-30-2008 03:05 PM by XploreOrganics | 7 comments »

Today the temperatures reached 9 degrees here…wow, just last week it was in the -20’s. The warm weather inspired me to make some summer food. For the potato wedges I threw a handfull of my “everything spice” in a baggie spun up some cornflakes in the food processor and added them to the baggie, I then peeled and cut into wedges 6 medium potatoes and tossed them into the bag with a tablespoon of oilve oil…Shake it all about and throw them on a cookie sheet...

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Part 5: 7 minute cooked dinner

01-31-2008 03:44 PM by XploreOrganics | 4 comments »

This is a staple in our house…One day me and a friend were chatting on the phone and she said she was starving and was going to head to McD’s for something to eat…I told her that I would talk her through a healthy cooked dinner in less time than it would take her to drive to McD’s and back so she was up for the challenge even though she had never really cooked anything before…So we timed it and aside from peeling the potatoes she had a steaming hot chicken di...

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Part 6: Brunch Layer

02-03-2008 02:58 PM by XploreOrganics | 3 comments »

This is a great easy dish to make ahead of time and even freezes well. Serves 4 6 Potatoes6 eggs1C milk (or soy milk)1C mushrooms2C veggies1/4 Block of sheep feta1 bunch of chives or 1 spring onionSalt & pepper to taste Boil 6 medium potatoes cut in quarters meanwile beat together 6 large eggs, cracked pepper an 1/2C milk (or soy milk)Scramble eggs in frypan until almost cooked but a little wet. Spread scrambled egg in the bottom of a 6×9 baking dish Next add a ...

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Part 7: Dairy-free Chocolate Pecan Caramel Parfait

02-14-2008 03:35 PM by XploreOrganics | 5 comments »

A little treat for Valentines Day :) Chocolate pudding:1.5 C Rice milk (use regular milk if you eat dairy)2 Tbs Cocoa Powder3 Tbs HoneyWisk together in a saucepanBring to a simmer In a jam jar add:1 egg yolk1 tbs corn starch1/8C rice milk Shake until smooth then stream into above mixture wisking until thickened Caramel: 1/2 C honey1 Tbs Dark brown sugar2 Tbs Real Butter1 tsp Vanilla Simmer until condensed and caramelized Layer chocolate pudding, caramel and fresh peca...

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Part 8: Asian Noodles & Garden Salad

03-03-2008 01:56 PM by XploreOrganics | 1 comment »

Asian noodles and garden saladServes 2 Asian Noodles: 1 Package of cooked and cooled long noodles (best to use left-over noodles) 5tbs of olive oil or toasted sesame oil1/4 cup of toasted sesame seeds2 crushed hot chilies1 tsp onion powder1 tsp tamari saucedash of sea salt Mix the above dressing by shaking it in a glass jar with a lid. Pour over cooked cool noodles and toss through. Lightly salt and pepper one chicken breast cut into thin strips or tofu strips. Fry in oli...

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Part 9: Sweet Baby Pepper Stir-fry with Long-grain & Wild Rice

03-31-2008 02:45 PM by XploreOrganics | 5 comments »

Sweet Baby Pepper Stir-fry with Long-grain & Wild Rice I’m starting to get a little tired of the palette of white blanketing my garden so it was a nice surprise when I found these colorful baby peppers in the groceries. I decided what a great way to get into the spirit of spring by enjoying a colorful meal with sweet crisp peppers on a bed of mixed rice. I never use instant rice; I pre-cook a variety of rice and have it on hand in the freezer. Left-over rice always taste...

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Part 10: Bring on the summer heat - Sunny yellow garbanzo rice with spicy broccoli curry

04-18-2008 04:53 PM by XploreOrganics | 3 comments »

Garbanzo Rice with Broccoli Curry Serves 2 Garbanzo Rice4 cups cooked frozen rice2 large spring onions chopped1 can of cooked drained garbanzo beans1Tbs Celtic salt1/2 tsp turmeric3 Tbs olive oil1 Tbs honeyCrushed hot chili (optional) Fry the frozen rice in olive oil until thawed. Add all other ingredients and cook until heated through. Broccoli Curry1 small head of broccoli cut in florets stems peeled and sliced1 1/2 cups of sliced fresh mushrooms1/2 cup raisins1 cooked chic...

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Part 11: Red & Green Rice

05-21-2008 02:06 PM by XploreOrganics | 1 comment »

This is a quick an easy side dish to serve hot or cold with any barbque or to serve alone as a quick healthy lunch or snack. 1/2 red pepper chopped2 green onions chopped1 hot chili crushed1 tsp sea salt1 tbs honey2 tbs olive oil3 cups of frozen cooked long grain brown rice1 chicken breast (or tofu) cut into strips. Heat the oil in a skillet and throw in the chicken until cooked. Add all other ingredients (except for honey) and fry until the rice is thawed. Stir in the honey and co...

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Part 12: Red Pepper, Asparagus and Wild rice soup

05-21-2008 02:08 PM by XploreOrganics | 2 comments »

A quick soup that will warm your bones after a cool day in the garden. 1 Chicken breast (bone & skin on)1 red pepper10 stalks of asparagus1 onion4 cloves of garlic8 cups of water1 cup cooked wild rice1 cup cooked long grain riceSea saltPepper In a roasting pan, oven roast 1 bone-in, skin-on chicken breast with 4 crushed cloves of garlic and 1 chopped onion on 400 until the pan has lightly caramelized. Add 10 stalks of asparagus (cut in 1” segments) and 1 chopped red peppe...

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Part 13: Snowballs - A summer Treat

05-21-2008 02:13 PM by XploreOrganics | 9 comments »

This is a great no-cook dessert for when you need a quick snack, served with fresh berries after a barbque with friends or with a cup of tea while enjoying an evening on the deck…Kids love them too! Snowballs (Makes 24) 2 Cups Oats1 Cup coconut2 Tbs cocoa powder 1 1/2 Cups water1/4 Cup butter3 Tbs honey2 tbs Dark brown sugar 1 Cup of coconut for rolling. Mix the first 3 ingredients in a bowl. Boil the next 4 ingredients in a saucepan until honey and sugar have melt...

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Part 14: Chocolate Raspberry Puffs

05-21-2008 02:16 PM by XploreOrganics | 5 comments »

Chocolate Raspberry Puffs For the pastry ( 4 large or 6 small) 1 Cup Water1/4 Cup Butter1 Cup Flour ( I used oat flour for the ones pictured by grinding 1 Cup of oats in the coffee grinder)3 eggs In a medium Pot, bring the butter and water to a simmer then dump in the flour and rapidly wisk until all the dough pulls off the pot ( this takes about 30 seconds).Let the dough cool slightly and beat in the eggs one at a time until fully incorporated. the dough should be glossy and e...

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Part 15: Harvest Pot-roast

09-26-2008 05:02 PM by XploreOrganics | 5 comments »

Pot-roast chicken for 2 There is no real recipe but this is one of my favorite meals when working in the garden as it is very simple and it can cook itself while you work up an appetite. there’s nothing like the smell of pot-roast when you come in on a crisp evening good and hungry from working outside. In this picture I put the following in a medium roast pan: 1 bone-in skin-on Chicken breast seasoned with seasalt, pepper and garlic granules (optional)Fresh garden vegetab...

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Part 16: My version of Chinese

09-26-2008 05:06 PM by XploreOrganics | 3 comments »

Fried Rice 4 Cups pre-cooked rice4 Chopped green onions1 egg1tsp sea salt3 tbs sunflower oil1 chopped chicken breast (optional) Heat oil in large skillet, fry chicken until cooked, scramble in egg, toss in rice salt and spring onions and fry until golden. Sunflower guy ding 3 large stalks of sliced celery1/2 head cauliflower1 yellow pepper4 chopped green onions1 handful of sunflower seeds1 tbs sunflower oil1 tsp sea salt1 tbs honey1tbs cornstarch mixed into 1/4 cup of water ...

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Part 17: Simple Harvest Crumble

09-30-2008 03:52 PM by XploreOrganics | 8 comments »

The is a great quick and easy dessert to use up over-ripe fruit and berries. Served hot with icecream or even for breakfast with yogurt it is as delicious as it is simple: In any oven safe pan (pie pan, loaf pan, cake pan) place 4 cups of chopped fruit and berries. If the fruit is dry such as apples, stir in 3 tbs of apple sauce. Mix together 4 cups of oats, 2 tbs butter, 1/2tsp cinnamon and 3 tbs dark brown sugar. Mix by hand until butter is all through. place it over top of ...

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Part 18: Lemon Squares

12-26-2008 09:31 AM by XploreOrganics | 0 comments »

Lemon Squares (Gluten-free, Organic, Vegetarian) 2 ½ cups of oat flour (grind fresh rolled oats in a coffee grinder)1 cup coconut¼ cup butter (margarine for vegan)2 tbs brown sugar Rub together above ingredients until crumb texture. Press 2/3 of the mixture into the bottom of a shallow 6×9 baking pan. The juice of 3 large lemonsZest of 1 large lemon1 ½ cups of water1 cup honey Mix the above ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Beat together 2 egg yolks (or...

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Part 19: Date Crumbles

12-26-2008 09:32 AM by XploreOrganics | 1 comment »

Date Crumbles (Gluten-free, Organic, Vegetarian) 2 ½ cups of oats 1 cup oat flour (grind fresh rolled oats in a coffee grinder)¼ cup butter (margarine for vegan)2 tbs brown sugar Rub together above ingredients until crumb texture. Press 2/3 of the mixture into the bottom of a shallow 6×9 baking pan. 2 lbs of dates1 cup water1 tsp butter (margarine for vegan) Simmer dates in water until softened then mash until smooth, stir in butter and pour the date mixture over the oat...

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Part 20: Strawberry & Cream Yule Log

12-26-2008 09:35 AM by XploreOrganics | 0 comments »

Yule Log (organic) Jelly Roll: 1 Jar of crofters premium fruit spread (Raspberry or Strawberry)2 egg yolks4 egg whites¾ cup sifted flour¼ cup + 1/8 cup cane sugar1/8 cup water4 oz whipping cream1 tsp vanillaFruit and chocolate shavings for decoration Pre-heat oven to 350 Cream together egg yolks, ¼ cup sugar and water until smooth, fold in sifted flour. Beat egg whites until firm, and then fold into yolk mixture. Spread evenly on a well greases and floured jelly roll pan or ...

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Part 21: Natural Chicken Weiners

12-26-2008 09:38 AM by XploreOrganics | 0 comments »

Natural Chicken wieners ( Nitrate-free, organic) Makes 6 small wieners. 1 chicken breast1tbs sunflower oil2 tbs flour2 tbs total of the following spice mixture:Celtic grey sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, beet powder, cayenne, pepper, curry.1 tsp honey powder or fine sugar. Grind all of the above ingredients in a food processor until it of a very fine paste consistency. Stuff into a pastry bag tightly without a tip. In a large pot bring 8 cups of water to a rolling boil...

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Part 22: Stuffed Chicken Breasts

12-26-2008 09:39 AM by XploreOrganics | 1 comment »

Stuffed Chicken Breasts 3 chicken breasts, filleted and pounded thin Makes 6 3 slices of sprouted grain bread1 tbs chopped onion1 clove garlic1 tbs butter1 tsp savorySalt and pepper to taste Place the above ingredients in a food processor and pulsate until fine moist crumbs. Lay all 6 chicken pieces on wax paper. Form the stuffing into sausage shapes. Place in the center of the chicken filet then roll the top down, pulling the filling upward and continue to roll all the w...

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Part 23: Easy Chickpea Pudding

12-26-2008 09:42 AM by XploreOrganics | 0 comments »

Chick-Pea Pudding In Newfoundland it is common to have peas-pudding (yellow split peas) with a cooked dinner. However the soaking and boiling is time-consuming. I have created a cross between traditional peas-pudding and Hummus that is delicious served hot or cold with any dinner. And can even be used as a dip. 1 large can of organic chick peas¼ small onion1 clove garlic Salt, pepper(lots) and butter to taste. Simmer the chickpeas, onion and garlic until warm and all liquid...

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Part 24: Greek Fillo Spinach pies (Spanakopita)

01-04-2009 09:25 AM by XploreOrganics | 4 comments »

Makes 8:6 sheets of fillo factory organic whole wheat fillo: Stack two piles of 3 sheets of fillo bushed with olive oil and layered. (see diagram below)Cut each stack into 4 equal strips for a total of 8 strips. 1/2 cup of blanched and well drained spinach.4 sauted green onions or a small leek1 tbs chopped parsley1/8 cup of crumbled sheep fetasalt & pepper to taste. Mix above ingredients completely then divide into 8 equal parts. Fill just below the top corner of the layer...

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Part 25: Cabbage Rolls

01-31-2010 03:33 PM by XploreOrganics | 8 comments »

Cabbage Rolls We had an abundant crop of Chinese cabbage this year and I made a few pans of cabbage rolls for the freezer. It’s nice to dig into them from time to time and still reap the benefits of our garden with some warm cabbage rolls in the winter. 1 6×8 pan6 large cabbage leaves blanched in salt water and patted dry4 cups cooked rice½ lb of ground meat, mushrooms or tofu1 small onion minced1 clove of minced fresh garlic (optional)Dash each of marjoram, thyme, chopped fre...

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Part 26: Pickled Tree Onions

01-31-2010 05:34 PM by XploreOrganics | 9 comments »

Pickled Tree Onions 1 cup tree onion top bulbs3/4 cup vinegar1/4 cup water1/8 cup sugar1 tsp pickling spice Simmer all the ingredients (except spices) in a saucepan until onions are medium soft. Pour into a sterilized bottle with pickling spice.

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Part 27: Garden Fou Young

01-31-2010 05:37 PM by XploreOrganics | 4 comments »

Garden Fou Young This is an excellent way to eat a ton of veggies, all different varieties from the garden. Julienne or grate 6 cups of vegetables Onions are a must and any of the following mixture will do (lettuce, cabbage, carrots, spinach, celery, mesclun mix, peppers…) Lightly wilt the veggies in a large pan with a pinch of salt and a tbs of water. Beat together 5 eggs, 2 tbs of tamari and ½ tsp pepper. Flatten veggies out on the bottom of the pan and pour the egg mix...

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Part 28: Fresh garden wraps

02-01-2010 05:08 AM by XploreOrganics | 9 comments »

We love these any time of year but they are best in the summer with garden fresh veggies. (Makes 4 large wraps – 8 halves as pictured above) For the dough: 2 cups of unbleached flour2 tbs olive oilenough water to make a soft dough Kneed together until rubbery and firm, cut into 4 pieces and let sit for 10 minutes until softened. Take each ball and stretch it out a little. Butter each piece of dough with 1/2 tsp of butter and fold it into a ball incorporating the butt...

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