2008-11 Flowers

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Blog series by MsDebbieP consisting of 46 parts so far

Part 1: Planning Ideas

11-14-2007 08:16 AM by MsDebbieP | 4 comments »

My goal for my backyard is to have no grass and all paths and flowerbeds (etc.) A great vision – a lot of work – and not much else re: the vision. So far, I have dug up lawn in patches, thrown in a few plants/bulbs/sculpture element and stood back and smiled. All has been random without much of a direction re: what the gardens will look like. But, yesterday, I had a thought… or perhaps it was a vision or maybe an inspiration. “Create an overall image”̵...

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Part 2: Shopping Finds

04-04-2008 06:33 AM by MsDebbieP | 3 comments »

April 4, 2008 (Warning: No pictures yet). This weekend (yes, tomorrow and the next day) the weather is supposed to be SUNNY and a high of about 14C (that’s nice and warm). I can’t wait! Our plan is to get outside and clean up the old and prepare for the new. Part of the new will be the variety of garden sculptures etc that I have picked up while on our “road trips” in the past couple months. obelisk (wrought iron) bird (wrought iron) feeders/birdbaths...

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Part 3: By the Pool

04-28-2008 06:03 AM by MsDebbieP | 19 comments »

April 28, 2008 On “the list” for a couple of years has been to put our old wire dog pen sections around our pool area. This year, it is happening. We (ok, Rick) dug three holes for posts and then we attached two sections of the dog pen to the posts. We decided to do just one side of the pool at a time. Enough digging, already!!!! The goal of the fence, although it should be for safety reasons for the pool, it will have another purpose. As for safety, I’m positive th...

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Part 4: May Road Trip

05-13-2008 05:12 PM by MsDebbieP | 33 comments »

May 13, 2008 Today was my sister-in-law’s and my monthly road trip. We started at Canning Perennials and then went to a smaller centre in Muir, followed by the big Oxford Insta-Shade, lunch, and then one of Courtland’s antique store and finally Coyles. Phew. What a day! I have an order in at Canning Perennials but it wasn’t ready yet so I just browsed. Yup.. browsed. Can you believe it? Came away with a Northern Azalea Golden Lights bush that smells DELICIOUS, several ...

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Part 5: Sculptures

06-03-2008 05:26 AM by MsDebbieP | 6 comments »

June 1, 2008 Last weekend we went to an artist’s place down some back road and I came home with these beauties: (It’s a 4 foot high set of leaves, and 3’ high cattails and on the bottom right is a snail.)I bought them to sit by the pond but when I got them home I realized that I don’t really have space around the pond to stick them in the ground. So, I moved them to the other side of the path. They are still close to the pond so I think it woks. The artist...

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Part 6: Weeding Day

06-06-2008 06:35 AM by MsDebbieP | 12 comments »

June 6, 2008 Well, today is the day. Over the past week, we have had mixed weather conditions and I’ve been very busy with other stuff and so my gardens have taken a backseat. Each morning and evening, as Rick and I sit in the gazebo, I stare out at the gardens (through the screens and the mosquitoes) and watch the weeds multiply before my eyes. Each day I say, “today I’m going to get some weeding done” and then something comes up and I don’t get to the tas...

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Part 7: Columbines and more...

06-22-2008 06:30 PM by MsDebbieP | 10 comments »

June 21, 2008 Thought I’d share some photos of my Columbines and other flowers in the flowerbed in front of the gazebo My Columbines Ethiopian Barley Phlox/Chamomile Sweet Williams

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Part 8: Climbing Roses

06-26-2008 07:03 PM by MsDebbieP | 5 comments »

June 26 2008 Outside our living room window, at the corner of our deck, I have a climbing rose that I don’t pay a lot of attention to. I did notice the other day that there were lots of green buds on it and then quickly forgot about it again. This evening I happened to look out the window and was surprised by a beautiful display of large red flowers! (I don’t think they are usually this large or abundant.) In this little corner I have an obelisk that I purchased earlier i...

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Part 9: New addition

07-01-2008 09:56 AM by MsDebbieP | 5 comments »

July 1, 2008 AT THE BASKETBALL NET: In our backyard is the kids’ old basketball net – still up, just because! I have some plants around it, mostly basil and our Moonglow Magnolia. On our last roadtrip I purchased this for about $15 and she looks quite happy to be here but I’m sure she’s worried about basketball net that is above her head! :) ON THE SHADY SIDE:Inspired by Zuki’s window well project at LumberJocks I was going to close in my window wel...

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Part 10: Unknown Flower

07-07-2008 09:27 AM by MsDebbieP | 5 comments »

July 7, 2008 Unknown Flower: I have the following flower growing in my flower bed but don’t know the name of it. I have several stalks of pink, dark purple, and light purple. Shoulda saved the pix in a larger format. Hope you can see the details and put a name to this plant. Thanks for your help everyone Leaves Dark Purple Light Purple Pink

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Part 11: Unknown Flower

07-14-2008 03:11 PM by MsDebbieP | 12 comments »

July 14, 2008 Don’t know what this flower is. I’m sure that last year in this spot was a brown cornflower type flower. I transplanted a bunch of it earlier this year and have been waiting for the brown/gold flower to show itself. Instead I get this!

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Part 12: Another Unknown Flower

07-20-2008 12:07 PM by MsDebbieP | 7 comments »

July 20, 2008 Thank you to the GardenTender who shared these seeds with me… (This must be from our seed exchange!) I was walking out to the gazebo this morning and saw this white cloth sitting in my flowerbed. I wondered where it came from and was surprised to see it there after our big rain. As I looked closer I realized that it was not a big white cloth but in fact a big white flower!!! Identification and description of the flower would be great. Oh and the leaves seemed ...

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Part 13: Just Some Photos

07-25-2008 11:11 AM by MsDebbieP | 6 comments »

July 25, 2008 I spent some time taking photos today (high noon – not the best time for photos but the best time for a break!) This is a balloon flower I’m assuming.. My cypress vine at my well. The metal climber was given to me by my aunt and I purchased the welcome sign. The mini lantern in the background was a gift from my daughter. Around the well are also: quinoa, barley, dill, and am.. am.. I forget the name. The cypress vine was a “seed exchange” item. L...

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Part 14: Some More Photos

07-25-2008 11:18 AM by MsDebbieP | 11 comments »

(July 25, 2008 continued) Squash Another Unknown Flower (another seed exchange item, I think?) And my favourite of the day – my ”green sunflower”.

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Part 15: Clematis

07-31-2008 09:46 AM by MsDebbieP | 21 comments »

July 31, 2008 Oh my.. oh my… as I was helping Rick put up his latest birdhouse I noticed that I had flowers on my clematis!!! Yes !!! My clematis has survived the summer and is blooming again.. and I hadn’t even noticed. I’m so used to the clematis dying within days of being put in the ground that I just stopped watching after the first flower wilted away. Ha… miracles do happen. the flower the settingthe plant, located on the south side of my clotheslin...

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Part 16: Golden Glow

07-31-2008 11:01 AM by MsDebbieP | 18 comments »

July 31, 2008 My aunt gave me these plants a few years ago and I stuck them in the ground here – I was busy at the time and didn’t have time to plan where i was going to put them. I also didn’t know what they looked like or how tall they’d grow. Perhaps this fall they will find a new home. Anyway, I think she calls them Golden Glows. The Flower The EnvironmentThe plant is located to the west of our back shed. I haven’t tackled this flowerbed this y...

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Part 17: Sunflower Fairy Door

08-13-2008 06:00 AM by MsDebbieP | 9 comments »

look what I found this morning!!Another FAIRY DOOR!!! (check out the photos posted at to see it in its location)

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Part 18: Morning Glories

09-06-2008 12:00 PM by MsDebbieP | 23 comments »

September 6, 2008 I’ve been enjoying this view for the past week or so and thought maybe I should post it here. This is looking out my dining room window (metal is our aerial). I retouched the photo a bit to counteract the grey of the window screen and the umm.. dirty window.. haha

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Part 19: Seated Retreat

02-06-2008 11:30 AM by MsDebbieP | 11 comments »

To the west of my house is a curved flower garden that is lined with cedar trees. At the south end of the trees I have several lilac bushes. Two years ago (or is it three, now) Rick and I built a few benches and one of them is sitting by my lilacs.Last year I transplanted a few lilac shoots, making a semi-circle around the bench, creating a little retreat area. Also, to the right of the bench in the photo, there is an angel statue nestled in under the branches of the lilacs. Behind the...

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Part 20: Privacy Fence: Long-neck Gourds

09-09-2008 11:42 AM by MsDebbieP | 9 comments »

Sept 9, 2008 Last spring, PanamaJack mailed me some seeds that he had wrapped in wet paper towels and then put inside a ziplock bag. When they arrived they had started to root and I stuck them in the dirt and crossed my fingers. The seeds took hold and I soon had plants that I could put in the ground. I decided that since the gourds were supposed to grow up to 5’ in length/height that a good location would be on the fence surrounding my pool. So on the “outside” of the...

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Part 21: Night-time Birdhouse

09-14-2008 06:20 AM by MsDebbieP | 7 comments »

Sept 14, 2008 Yesterday was my Mom’s 81st birthday (and my granddaughter’s 6th) and as usual we had a family get-together for those of us in the province. (A lovely time had by all… should have recorded the concert for you .. hahah 10 glorious voices (cough cough) singing some old songs that people knew the words too (ok so we knew the choruses) .. too much fun! Anyway, when we got home the headlights on our truck lit up the birdhouse that Rick just put up this week. T...

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Part 22: Easter Lily

09-20-2008 02:25 PM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

Sept. 20, 2008 In the spring I received an Easter Lily and when it died off I took the plant and stuck it in the ground. The other day it was in full bloom. One of my very few flowers in colour now.

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Part 23: Tour, May 2009

05-08-2009 02:18 PM by MsDebbieP | 7 comments »

I’ve been busy this week, doig this and that. Here is a little tour of my backyard

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Part 24: Paniculata Clematis

05-12-2009 12:07 PM by MsDebbieP | 15 comments »

May 12, 2009 Uh Oh.. Have I done the right thing?? Today I had to go to town and I decided to stop at a “local” nursery on my way home. I was looking for a medium-length-handled-rake but the cost brought me home without one. However… I did check out the clematis plants, since I am now a “successful clematis grower”. (took me three tries over 20 years but I finally have one that has flowered and survived). I had my chosen pot in my hand and then I saw a big ...

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Part 25: Did You Hear Me Scream?

05-29-2009 10:45 AM by MsDebbieP | 15 comments »

May 29/09 Did you hear me scream? No, I didn’t see a snake and I didn’t see “GramT the skunk” (not that I’ve seen a skunk this year but in case I do, I already have it named! hahah)... but back to the scream! I went out this morning and checked my garden. All is well. Plants are happy and no cat digging. WOO HOO. And then I checked my little flowerbed at the back of the house. Now, if you remember, I have been growing a columbine patch beside my clothesl...

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Part 26: Rhubarb

05-29-2009 11:38 AM by MsDebbieP | 10 comments »

May 29/09 Here are some photos of rhubarb in my gardens. ... around a rock, along with some chives.From flowers2 05 09 Creating a border for my labyrinthFrom flowers2 05 09 More at the labyrinth (by my “Don’t forget to dance” stature)From flowers2 05 09 Around the pondFrom flowers2 05 09

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Part 27: Clematis 09

06-04-2009 07:56 AM by MsDebbieP | 10 comments »

June 4/09 Just to prove that “I” can grow clematis!! Here is not one, but two, flowers that have bloomed. Yes, my clematis not only survived the year it was planted but has bloomed again!

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Part 28: June '09

06-07-2009 10:16 AM by MsDebbieP | 23 comments »

June 6/09 In-between rains I took my camera out to take some pictures of the flowers that are now in bloom on my property. Last week (as we prepared for a Bonfire Breakfast yesterday) I looked around the yard and realized (again) that I don’t really have a lot of flowers. Most things are green. So today I thought I’d document what I do have. With the little photo album it looks like there are a lot of flowers but remember the size of the yard I have. So spread these out over...

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Part 29: June 10/09

06-10-2009 03:18 PM by MsDebbieP | 12 comments »

I don’t think I showed you these iris’ yet. The colour is a soft mustard colour. Extraordinary.From flowers 06 09 Also I forgot to tell you about this little guy that I purchased at Canadale. Here is a partial view of my labyrinth: I found this little guy (sweet william?) in one of the flowerbeds Hellebore Chamomile Something.. lots of these little light purple flowers

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Part 30: Drying Herbs & Flowers

06-23-2009 11:31 AM by MsDebbieP | 9 comments »

June 23/09 This morning, I picked some of my herbs (anise hyssop, sage, chamomile) and some peonies and hung them all in our “cabin”. I dried some anise hyssop in the dehydrator but that was a lengthy process and I might as well have just hung them somewhere. So—to the cabin I went :) Even if I don’t use these herbs/flowers for anything I am getting my enjoyment from them now, as I glance in and see the beautiful colours hanging from the rafters.

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Part 31: More Guests - Doves

06-26-2009 08:38 AM by MsDebbieP | 10 comments »

June 26/09 Yesterday, we greeted more guesta! Unfortunately, during our “potentially tornado” weather, a dove and her babies were blown to the ground. Rick found the Mom and her babes laying in the middle of the lawn, her wings outstretched to protect her little ones. In an effort to protect them from predators, he made a quick box nest and put some straw in it. As he went to pick up the babies and put them in it, the mother bird played the broken wing trick to try and distr...

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Part 32: Lost in the Wild!

07-02-2009 12:18 PM by MsDebbieP | 23 comments »

July 2/09 A couple of my flower garden areas have been on my list for a few years to “do something with”. But, as time goes by, they never seem to get to the top of my priority list. Ok, let’s be honest, I just dread tackling these weed patches! But, with the August 15th GT Picnic fast approaching I thought I’d better start making the areas presentable at the very least. So, today, with work boots on, to keep my feet dry I hiked into the depths of the untouched w...

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Part 33: New Purchases

07-26-2009 10:39 AM by MsDebbieP | 11 comments »

July 26/09 Last week we drove to London and “somehow” ended up at Canadale Nurseries! I have no idea how that happened. It turned out to be “customer appreciation week”. Yippee. We left with cherry tree (Montmorency, for pies!) potentilla (pretty yellow flowers) butterfly bush delphinium hydrangea wintergreen dianthus 3 grapes hen and chicks carpet bugle ice plant and a coupon for 50% off any item in the store for the following week. ...

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Part 34: Spring Surprise: Primrose

04-11-2010 02:52 PM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

April 11/10 I was working on my flowerbeds today (in this glorious weather), enjoying the crocus’ that are out and the daffodils that are showing their colour – still not open—and I walked around the front corner of the house. I don’t frequent this spot very often and although it is alongside the laneway I rarely notice these flowerbeds. However, today, I noticed – I walked around the corner and there, smiling at me, was this glorious primrose flower. ...

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Part 35: Poppies

06-26-2010 04:12 PM by MsDebbieP | 18 comments »

June 26/10 I have poppies!! I took my life in my hands to get these photos! The mosquitoes were HORRIBLE, they almost carried me away. I also took these photos Nicotiana Lupins Something Tiger-Eye Cutleaf Sumac One of the three nannyberries that I won’t get to eat probably .. New Raised Bed at base of telephone poles

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Part 36: July 3/10

07-03-2010 03:00 PM by MsDebbieP | 17 comments »

I was checking my gardens and was inspired to get my camera. Apples are doing well – not big in size but lots of them . Poppies are everywhere.. in all stages of bloom. . Dahlia - my first photo. Tomatoes are coming along well (yes I do have some tomatoes started, not just blossoms). Cumin - I think

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Part 37: Surprises and Questions

07-10-2010 11:04 AM by MsDebbieP | 42 comments »

July 10/10 Today while weeding (after my two weeks off due to extreme heat and then rain yesterday)... I found some surprises and I have questions! 1. This is a pepper plant??? I’ve never had flowers like this before on a pepper plant. What am I growing? . 2. I thought this was a hollyhock but the leaves are different than my other hollyhock…. what am I growing? . 3. And I happened to notice this on my weeping pea tree!! No wonder they call it a pea tree :)

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Part 38: Good Morning!!! - New Beginnings

05-23-2011 07:23 AM by MsDebbieP | 16 comments »

5/23/11 Last night, after a long day in the gardens, I convinced Rick to join me on a walk-about because I hadn’t had time to enjoy the gardens yet. That is usually one of the first things I do each day – walk around and check things out. Begrudgingly, as he, too, was tired, he agreed and oh I am so glad we made the trek. Look what we found—the first ever blossoms on our redbud tree!!! The first ever. New beginnings! And here is a bud on my new rhododendron .. t...

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Part 39: Zantedeschia, Rabbits, and Strawberries

06-16-2011 07:38 AM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

6/16/11 Yesterday I noticed another zantedeschia ready to bloom and I saw a bit of red showing.This morning, before the arrival of the rain, I headed out to capture its beauty. While at the labyrinth I noticed the rabbit.. “she” didn’t move, probably thinking I wouldn’t notice her, but 10 feet away was close enough and she hopped away. I’m thinking that she probably has a nest of babies in the patch of clover in the centre of the labyrinth. The same pat...

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Part 40: Aerial View

08-10-2011 03:20 PM by MsDebbieP | 16 comments »

8/10/11 Today we were visited by a representative of AFS Inc – an aerial photography company that takes photos of people’s homes. I’ve seen many photos over the years and have never purchased one. They never really ever showed anything more than what I can see (now) on GoogleEarth. But today—this photo is different – it shows so many details and it was taken after all of the additions we did this year. Also, I like how it even shows the front of the hous...

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Part 41: Look what I found today...

08-31-2011 11:15 AM by MsDebbieP | 9 comments »

8/31/11 Taking some photos today, I smiled when I saw this out of the corner of my eye…. I think my GardenTenders visitors, this summer, brought me some good luck. After years of waiting, my Rose of Sharon is about to be in bloom!!!! I also saw this little guy on a milkweed that grew up in one of my garden paths, (and I left it alone – on purpose.) ... the result:(Monarch Caterpillar) And as a bonus picture.. here is one of the little orange flowers that are growin...

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Part 42: Marsh Hibiscus (Native Plant)

09-02-2011 08:36 AM by MsDebbieP | 2 comments »

9/2/11 I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting – and the day has finally arrived!!! This spring, during my visit to Acorus Restoration where I get my plants that are native to the region, a plant label caught my eye and I impulsively picked up the plant and brought it home. It was a Marsh Hibiscus. There are 5 buds on the plant right now – one of them which has opened. The plant itself stands about 4’ high (I’m estimating) and is just a single stalk &#...

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Part 43: Hardy Clematis & Mushrooms - 2011

09-24-2011 05:37 PM by MsDebbieP | 15 comments »

I have added some photos to the Mushrooms Series and here are some photos of my hardy clematis

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Part 44: Dahlias 2011

10-10-2011 04:18 PM by MsDebbieP | 6 comments »

10/10/11 Now I know why dahlias are such an asset to a garden…mine are coming into their glory, some just flowering now. This one is one of Jroot’s beauties that he shared at our GT picnic in June. From Nature II

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Part 45: 11/11/11

11-11-2011 07:41 AM by MsDebbieP | 20 comments »

Today is a special one! 1. 11/11/11 – the numerology people and Spirituality people have been waiting for this day!2. Veteran’s Day – in honour of all those who have served in war to protect the people of this planet3. Happy Name Day to Martin4. Happy Anniversary to GardenTenders.com5. and….. here are photos from my yard, taken yesterday. (Today they have a little snow covering.) I waited all summer for my balloon flowers to bloom. I finally just thought that I w...

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Part 46: Still Blooming ... 11/26/11

11-26-2011 04:37 PM by MsDebbieP | 11 comments »

I still have flowers … besides that yellow unknown flower (no pix today) .. I have the gentiana, candytuft, johnny jump-ups, (no pix) and pincushion flower.

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