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Blog series by MsDebbieP consisting of 41 parts so far

Part 1: Several Sightings

08-07-2009 01:38 PM by MsDebbieP | 6 comments »

Aug 7/09 What a day I’ve had today – for being blessed with wildlife sightings. 1. There is a red-tail hawk that must be living nearby that has been circling and calling out for the past few days. Today I saw him twice. He is a big guy (or gal) and his call – oh so beautiful. 2. While cleaning the “cabin”, getting ready for tomorrow’s Sunrise Gathering, the wren came in/out a couple of times as it tried to hurry me along with my business. (Not sure...

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Part 2: Baby Wrens

08-16-2009 01:27 PM by MsDebbieP | 4 comments »

Aug 16/09 Yesterday I helped the baby wrens move on to their next stage of life. The little ones were flying around the cabin, clinging to the screens, hiding in the corners…. we put them back in the nest but soon they were out again flying and hiding. So I thought it was time to help them out into the big wide world. I opened the door and one baby found the doorway and exited. The momma bird soon was sitting in the doorway calling her babies. But the others were hiding in the ...

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Part 3: Nice Cast Iron Art

08-23-2009 02:03 PM by MsDebbieP | 10 comments »

Aug 23/09 During the big rain this afternoon I went to put a dish of compost on the deck (until I could take it to the garden) and when I sat the bowl down by the cast iron boot scraper I noticed the cast iron art: cat, the kittens and the toad. “That toad really looks realistic,” I thought to myself. And then I thought, “Hey, I didn’t buy a cast iron toad!” I looked again and yes, it was a real toad, sitting as still as could be and blending right i...

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Part 4: Starling Visitor

01-19-2010 07:09 AM by MsDebbieP | 7 comments »

Jan 19/10 We have a new birdfeeder sitting on the deck railing so I can watch the birds from my computer chair. It has been there for about a week and we see mostly sparrows, some junkos, blue jays, doves, and a female cardinal will visit. Today I saw a starling.I’ve never noticed starlings up here in the winter before. I did a bit of research and it said that a few birds don’t migrate south for the winter. So was this a sign of spring or a winter-loving starling? Pess...

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Part 5: Cute little bunny neighbours

01-18-2010 02:50 PM by MsDebbieP | 15 comments »

Jan 18/10 All winter Rick has enjoyed watching two little bunnies in our yard. At first he just saw the tracks; then he saw the one rabbit and then he started seeing two at the same time. They are so busy traveling all over our property. They love it under the cedar trees and nibbling at some of the veggies that I left in the garden this past fall. And then this afternoon Rick looked and there were tracks by our apple tree. And—from the base of the trunk and up as far as the ra...

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Part 6: At the feeder today

01-21-2010 11:45 AM by MsDebbieP | 10 comments »

Jan 21/10 This morning I saw a redpoll and a housefinch at the feeder. We keep getting new species every day. Right now there is a dove and bluejay sharing the space… well kinda “sharing”. they both seem to be fluffing their feathers and not eating.. but they are both at the feeder at the same time.. so that is kinda sharing!

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Part 7: At the Feeder - Cowbird

02-09-2010 07:15 AM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

Feb 9/10 This morning as we watched the birds arrive for their breakfast at our feeder, we noticed a new visitor: a cowbird. According to my early morning research, the cowbird frequently migrates with redwinged blackbirds – which has been, for me, the first birds to appear in the spring (well, first ones that I notice, anyway). So, i guess, I have seen my first sign of spring!!! :) (Did you know that cowbirds lay their eggs in other birds’ nests? And .. if the host bi...

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Part 8: A Moment With Gabby

03-05-2010 10:55 AM by MsDebbieP | 13 comments »

March 5/10 A few minutes ago I put some leftover chicken out on the deck (to the west of the house) for Gabby to find on one of her regular visits. I then went back inside and looked out the front window to check on Rick who is cutting up the trunk of the “grand ol lady” maple tree. Keeping him company was Gabby, our neighbour’s dog. As I watched, Gabby’s nose suddenly went up in the air and she moved her head from side to side and started walking to the house...

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Part 9: Another Unwanted Guest

04-02-2010 05:18 PM by MsDebbieP | 7 comments »

April 2, 2010 I was just out on the deck playing/practicing the fiddle when a fly landed on my leg and distracted me. I continued playing to the end of the song and the fly was still there so I brushed it off with my foot. Hah… there on my leg was a blur of red—my blood! It wasn’t a fly – it was a mosquito. for the next 15 minutes a “herd” of mosquitoes harassed me until I finally gave up and went inside. Rick said it was the fiddling that was attr...

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Part 10: Mama Robin - 2010

04-21-2010 06:17 PM by MsDebbieP | 13 comments »

April 21, 2010 Last year, a pair of robins built their nest on some antlers propped up on the shed wall. It was pretty shaky and Rick had to reinforce it a couple of times throughout the nesting/fledgling stages. This year, the robins returned and again chose antlers that were just propped up on the shed. Fortunately, I think this time it is quite stable. Last year, the robins were very sensitive and would fly away if you came anywhere near the shed. If you were visible then they wer...

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Part 11: Tap, Tap, Tap

04-22-2010 07:21 AM by MsDebbieP | 15 comments »

April 22/10 Who’s that tapping at my window? Who’s that tapping at my window? Who’s that tapping at my window?Why it is little Ms. Cardinal! For the past week, on a daily basis Ms. Cardinal comes a visiting and tries to land on the inside window frame, blocked of course by the outside window. Tap, tap, tap.. for about 3 minutes at a time before she gives up, only to return later in the day. My Mom, for three years in a row, has had a robin hitting her windows. My Mo...

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Part 12: Hidden in The Tipi Area

04-23-2010 12:29 PM by MsDebbieP | 10 comments »

April 23/2010 I went to check on my peas that I planted in the tipi area and as I started to walk across the area, I noticed some movement and stopped in my tracks. I carefully retraced my steps and went to get my camera and one of my zoom lenses so I could get a decent picture without getting too close. I asked permission to take some photos without getting too close and a blink of an eye seemed to be a “yes”. And so.. here is one of my pictures. The mother Dove and ...

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Part 13: 2 Little Lovey Dovies

05-28-2010 12:29 PM by MsDebbieP | 13 comments »

May 28/10 I was heading out to the gardens this afternoon and I noticed two doves in the tree. Since they didn’t fly away I knew they were just young ones. I asked permission to take their photos and they blinked at me, and I assume that was a “if you must”. And I “must”. So I did.

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Part 14: Leaving the Nest

06-25-2010 04:58 PM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

June 25/10 Last night I attended the Grade 8 graduation for a young lad that I have worked with since he was in Grade 1. It has been a long journey for him as he has struggled with some life challenges that most of us will never have to contend with or overcome. What a glorious moment it was to see him reach such an important milestone and taking a big step towards independence and his time to leave the nest. This afternoon, Rick and I sat outside and watched the baby swallows waiting t...

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Part 15: A froggie-would-a-wooing-go, uh-huh

07-22-2010 11:05 AM by MsDebbieP | 18 comments »

July 22/10 As I’ve said in the past, Rick and I spend a lot of time watching the pond, looking for the frogs. Today, the “grandpa” frog was visiting. He is about four times the size of the frogs that were in the picture I posted earlier this week. We found him sitting beside the “waterfall” where the river flows into our main pond. As we watched, we had some other visitors. Three young sparrows came and sat on the fence, checking out the world. Then, alo...

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Part 16: Out and About Today

07-29-2010 04:36 PM by MsDebbieP | 11 comments »

July 29/10 Here is part of my new sculpture and you can see that it has started the rusting process… Here’s #1 our first and largest fish. .AND our hummingbird moth has returned. This is year 3. . I found this guy in our Japanese Maple

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Part 17: 7 AM Adventures

08-22-2010 02:16 PM by MsDebbieP | 9 comments »

August 22/10 “Here kitty, kitty… where are you?” In the middle of the night there was a horrible ruckus outside. Usually, flipping on the outside light will send the visitors on their way, but not last night. I finally had to yell at the critters to stop. Our cat had had a few tiffs lately with, what we think is a cat that was left behind when one of the neighbours moved. Anyway, this morning, we heard Jasmine meow-ing but we couldn’t find her and she wouldn&#...

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Part 18: Chickadees

02-21-2011 10:57 AM by MsDebbieP | 14 comments »

2/21/11 We had a BEAUTIFUL snowfall yesterday, with soft powdery snow covering everything. With the sun shining brightly, I took the opportunity to go for a photo outing. Here a couple photos of a chickadee that sat for me.    

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Part 19: Grackles

04-23-2011 10:47 AM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

4/23/11 The other day I was watching the birds at the feeder and grabbed my camera. ......<div></div>   And today, I took some photos of flowers.   Remember last year I purchased some old stuff from a garage sale? Well in a little wagon was some dried dirt/roots… This spring, the dried out “stuff” came alive with several of these wee flowers. I’m sure someone knows what the groundcover-like flower is (or is it a bad weed)   ...

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Part 20: Rose/Red-breasted Grosbeak

05-01-2011 10:37 AM by MsDebbieP | 15 comments »

5/1/11 Today we had a new visitor at our bird feeder. Oh, I am SO loving its new location (closer to the window.) Although I have to take photos through a screen and, now, some droppings that have hit the window, I can get closer photos of the birds. Here is a grosbeak that sat eating away, letting me inch closer to the window – and even change batteries in my camera – to get these shots.

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Part 21: Chickadee Visit

05-05-2011 09:02 AM by MsDebbieP | 5 comments »

5/5/11 This morning, the sun is shining and there is little wind and thus the morning is LOVELY. I had just started some gardening this morning and was standing by my apple tree holding my hoe. As I perused the yard I had a visitor! A chickadee (my previous blog about chickadees) flew over and sat on the top of the hoe handle, just inches from my face, and started to chatter. We had a lovely conversation for about a minute and then he flew off and checked out the rain barrel. Then anoth...

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Part 22: Bullying in the Wild

05-12-2011 09:37 AM by MsDebbieP | 5 comments »

5/12/11 I’m sitting here watching the sparrows at the feeder, enjoying the view of “nature at work”. I should be out in the gardens but my first activity this morning pulled a muscle in my hip and bending over is not what my body wants to do today. It was probably the 4 hours on the road yesterday. Anyway, back to the feeder. There are 8-10 birds flying in and out, feasting on the day’s smorgasbord. As I watched I noticed a bird pecking at one on the side of the ...

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Part 23: Love In The Wild

05-13-2011 06:06 AM by MsDebbieP | 6 comments »

5/13/11 For the last couple of days our bird feeder has been visited by both a male and female cardinal at the same time. Typically we just see the female and on occasion the male will stop by as well but rarely at the same time. As I watched them (both yesterday and today) I noticed this same ritual occurring two or three times during the visit. They would sit side-by-side eating away and then the female, as she usually does, would take a seed, fly to the window, cling to the frame, ea...

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Part 24: Mosquitoes

05-20-2011 04:13 PM by MsDebbieP | 11 comments »

5/20/11 Today was a lovely day outside, except for the mosquitoes! Last year the little critters were extremely tiny – this made them extra dangerous because you couldn’t hear them or feel them on you until it was too late. Their size also made it very difficult to … ummm.. end their lives … a simple smack didn’t work because they just squeezed safely into gaps during the swat. This year, we have the Super-size versions. Oh my goodness are they HUGE. ...

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Part 25: A Solution in the Garden?

05-22-2011 07:00 AM by MsDebbieP | 7 comments »

5/22/11 The garden: the primary source of our vegetables The problem: chickens, rabbits, cats, and dogs The solution: fencing. Yesterday Rick and I put up a fence around half of our garden area. This will hopefully keep the rabbits from eating my seedlings, the chickens from scratching up my seedlings, the cats from digging up my seedlings, and the dogs from laying on my seedlings. With the fence up, I was also able to remove the row covers and it is supposed to rain today so t...

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Part 26: Another Visitor

06-03-2011 04:18 PM by MsDebbieP | 10 comments »

June 3/11 Today, after an outing with baby Aaron and a little garden work, I was relaxing on the deck (at about 4:30 PM) and I looked across the back lawn and saw a raccoon heading my way! By the time I got inside and grabbed the camera (shutting the door behind me) the raccoon was on our deck checking out the treasures. While snacking on something he had found, I took pictures and he looked at me whenever the camera went off. We were probably no more than a foot away from each other, s...

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Part 27: and it's only 7:30 AM

06-04-2011 07:14 AM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

June 3/11 It’s 7:30 AM <<yawn>> <<stretch>> Ok, actually I have been up for hours – not really “up, up” but more like the up that is “let’s get through this excruciating pain time of day so my day can really start”. During my first almost bearable vertical walk I looked out the window and saw a young starling sitting on the ledge of the giant birdhouse Rick made. Another young one was peeking out the neighbouring window but not ye...

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Part 28: Sparrows

06-13-2011 08:42 PM by MsDebbieP | 10 comments »

6/13/11 This afternoon, we looked out at the bird feeder due to the noise caused by the half-dozen birds pecking away at the seeds. Upon closer look, we discovered that amongst the birds were some young ones. I grabbed the camera. As I got closer to the window, many of the birds flew away, leaving Momma bird and her two young. I don’t know if the the Momma bird should be called lazy or smart – bringing her babies to the feeder for easy access to seeds. I do know that at t...

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Part 29: Ultimate Fighting

06-16-2011 05:06 PM by MsDebbieP | 13 comments »

6/16/11 Whenever the “ultimate fighting” videos are shown on TV, I cringe and wonder how anyone could watch this and cheer it on. But today, I sat transfixed to a fight, caught up in the struggle to be the victor. At one of the birdhouses that Rick built, two male sparrows battled over the domain. Locked in battle, beak to beak, wings and feet wailing at each other, the two guys fought for about 10 minutes. In the left corner we had Spike, weighing in at about an ounce an...

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Part 30: Really??? !!!!

06-18-2011 11:38 AM by MsDebbieP | 14 comments »

6/18/11 Really?? Are you serious? Those waskelly wabbits are at it again. This morning, I went to pick my strawberries and found that the rabbits had gotten into the raised bed and eaten what was probably a quart of berries – more than what I was able to collect for the table. Now, they didn’t eat the entire berry of course. No, no no. They nibbled and then saw another ripe one and moved on to it… chomp, jump, chomp, jump.. and those jumps were really tiny jumps bec...

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Part 31: 3 Visitors

07-16-2011 09:59 AM by MsDebbieP | 10 comments »

7/16/11 We had three special visitors at your place yesterday. (the first two I have already posted in a comment on a previous post) 1. This guy landed on my shoulder and sat there for about 5 min. I fortunately had my camera in my hand and after many tries I was able to capture this image. My neck is sore from trying not to move while trying to take the photo at the same time. 2. This rooster was sitting on the bench in my lilac “nook”. It took me a couple of minutes to ...

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Part 32: Looking for water

07-22-2011 01:58 PM by MsDebbieP | 9 comments »

7/22/11 Our pond is quite a busy place these days, with birds and other visitors, using it as a source of water. Today I saw this robin looking for something to drink. I, unfortunately, didn’t have my zoom lens so this pix is a little blurry

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Part 33: Where did that frog go?

07-23-2011 12:27 PM by MsDebbieP | 9 comments »

7/22/11 This morning we had the cute little frog by the pond that turned out to be a big guy, once you saw more than his face. His cute little nose was deceiving. And so I decided to tak some photos. The new camera doesn’t have the zoom lens that my other camera has so I was disappointed until I found the “digital zoom” setting. I zoomed in as close as I could get and then tried to find the frog … I found the rocks and and the iris leaves and tried to follow ...

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Part 34: To Bee or Not To Bee ...

07-23-2011 09:38 AM by MsDebbieP | 15 comments »

7/22/11 Today, I went to take a photo of a datura flower and on my way back I stopped to photograph a squash flower. With my new camera I am able to get up close and personal and I captured (literally) this bee at work. (captured because the camera was blocking the end of the flower so he couldn’t get out – not that he wanted to). I’ll have to start carrying a tripod for these photos as my hand moves too much when I press the shutter for these macro shots. Enjoy....

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Part 35: Critters big and small

08-01-2011 08:34 AM by MsDebbieP | 6 comments »

8/1/11 First, let me say before I forget that last week we had our first sighting of the hummingbird moth. We were so excited to see one again. This past week we’ve also had lots of rabbit sightings – I guess the rain and returning “green” has brought them out of hiding again. Yesterday, I saw this wonderful creature. InformationLocation: as I was taking photos of some fungus on a tree stump I looked up to find him watching me! (Southwestern...

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Part 36: Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar

08-23-2011 06:37 AM by MsDebbieP | 19 comments »

8/23/11 Yesterday while whacking weeds I discovered this little guy. Isn’t he pretty?? Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar

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Part 37: A Grapes Visitor

10-09-2011 01:09 PM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

10/9/11 Warning: Iris—don’t look… don’t look!!! :D

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Part 38: At The Birdfeeder - (No Pictures)

12-30-2012 08:48 AM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

Dec 30/12 This fall I put a new birdfeeder up, outside the window where my grandson has his snacks. At first we had just sparrows and an occasional visit by some chickadees. Then some nuthatches arrived, followed by some juncos. On occasion the bluejays and cardinal will make an appearance but that is rare. (They prefer the flat, unroofed feeder.) Now that we have had snow there are MANY birds pushing and shoving (and waiting) for their turn at the goodies. Yesterday, I added some wo...

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Part 39: Ms. Cardinal

01-03-2013 08:33 AM by MsDebbieP | 7 comments »

1/3/13 The birdfeeders continue to provide us with much entertainment. Today, we had a flicker visit us. He (?) first sat on top of the feeder and checked things out—oh how big he was in comparison to the other birds that come to enjoy the feast. Sadly, no picture for you but the visit did inspire me to take the screens off the windows. So now, all I have to do is camouflage the camera some how so they don’t see an “eye” staring at them. I did get these pictur...

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Part 40: At The Birdfeeder - February 24, 2013

02-24-2013 09:54 AM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

I happened to look out at the feeder at the right time ….. to see a woodpecker having some snacks.The camera, of course, was not nearby but fortunately I have options!! So I grabbed the iPad, started the camera and was able to snap three photos. I took these images at a distance. I was moving in closer and closer but it flew off before I got a good image. The other bird is a new visitor as well:On the top of the feeder: white-breasted nuthatchOn the bottom: red-bellied woodpecker....

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Part 41: Another Woodpecker

03-13-2013 06:02 AM by MsDebbieP | 6 comments »

March 13/13 (No pictures) We had another woodpecker at the feeder today. At first we thought it was a downie woodpecker but the red head wasn’t right, so we looked it up: it was a Hairy Woodpecker. Our visitor wasn’t on the birdfeeder but was on the ground pecking away at dropped morsels. Here's a link for photos

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