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Blog series by Scott Hildenbrand consisting of 14 parts so far

Part 1: My Peeps

03-30-2009 07:39 AM by Scott Hildenbrand | 14 comments »

Thought I’d snap a few pictures of the crew this morning. The rest of them are doing really really well. I’m letting my wife and daughter pick up some more this afternoon after school at the co-op to take the place of the one which died. This lil’ one was in the mixed EE pullets bin. Looking at it, it looks JUST like a Buff Orpington chick, which I’m hoping that it ends up being and was just in the wrong group. This is the Gold Lace Wyandotte. And in this cor...

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Part 2: Erm... I jumped right in.. Cockadoodle Doo!

03-28-2009 03:59 PM by Scott Hildenbrand | 15 comments »

EDIT: See Chickens #1 for the next post.. Darn me editing after the fact.. :D Well, I’ve got chickens now… Ended up getting a mixed lot of pullets and one straight run test chance and see if it’s a roo or not. Most people think I’m nuts now… Oh well.. ;) Now… How long do I have until I need to get the coop and run done?

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Part 3: The Old & The New

04-01-2009 11:41 AM by Scott Hildenbrand | 24 comments »

Here’s a few pictures of the old bunch with the new ones we picked up. All together we now have 7 hens and one roo. This is Emilia. She’s always trying to fly and has the best wings of the bunch right now. She’s from the first group. This is my certified Buff Orpington Rooster. The blotch on his head was a color dye to help ID him. He came from the co-op. He is new. This here is the Wyandotte we got in the new group. This little one is...

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Part 4: Chicken Coop, Day 1, Part 1

04-04-2009 12:55 PM by Scott Hildenbrand | 4 comments »

Taking a break from working on the coop. The daughter and I framed out the bottom section and then the step son helped me move the flooring from the shop over to the coop. I’d put a decent coat of water sealer on the OSB for what will be the bottom to help make sure moisture won’t be an issue.. I’m sure it will be fine, no water ever stands there. It’s a fairly dry spot. We’ll be going out after lunch to screw the flooring down.

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Part 5: More Coop Work.. +1 Wall

04-11-2009 10:45 PM by Scott Hildenbrand | 3 comments »

Not much done on the coop, and no more pictures of it yet. I had enough dimensional lumber on hand to do one wall and the roof… Well.. Since one wall couldn’t hope to support a roof, I decided just to do the one wall. I’d also taken the time to fix my slight floor stupidity and won’t have any issues now with the wall actually resting on top of the floor, level, for the entire span. :p Chickens are growing like wildfire.. Their wings are almost entirely feathered&...

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Part 6: Chick Pictures... ;)

04-12-2009 11:29 PM by Scott Hildenbrand | 9 comments »

Here’s some pics of muh chicks… They’re getting big, for sure… -=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=- Owley Most likely a ”Golden Comet” -=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=- Dot A ”Silver Laced Wyandotte” -=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=- Ralph ”Still no clue….” -=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=- Emilia A ”Golden Polish” -=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=-=~=- I Forget?? ...

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Part 7: Time Travel

04-14-2009 09:21 AM by Scott Hildenbrand | 12 comments »

Through the wonders of modern science we’d been able to travel forward into time so that we might check on the chickens and see how they progress. It’s a fantastic thing, stepping out of the time machine and being able to see what will be. Stunning I must say. So, lets move on… Here are my chickens in the year 2012. This is Dot, the Silver Laced Wyandotte which we picked up. Oddly enough she seems to have the ability to clone herself at will. As if you look to the b...

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Part 8: More Walls up in the Coop

04-18-2009 05:41 PM by Scott Hildenbrand | 40 comments »

Spent more time today on the coop. It’s been raining alot recently and has disrupted working on it. Managed to get three walls up before we had to call it quits for now. I was really hoping for all four walls. As you can see, the entry door is to the left and off to the right is a window with a large cleanout door under it. You can also see the drop in the floor level, though my plans for the roost poop have changed. Still handy to have. One of my helpers up and collapsed we were...

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Part 9: Coop Sheeting Up

04-27-2009 11:04 AM by Scott Hildenbrand | 24 comments »

More work on the coop this weekend, after recuperating from SEVERAL days of stomach flu. Spread through the house like wildfire, evil thing. Even had to go to the ER on Saturday night @ 1 in the morning because Donovan wouldn’t stop throwing up. Gah.. Evil evil thing. Anyway, on with the coop. I swear, this picture makes me want to name it Coop Domo Kun. The T1-11 was nailed up in place (not easy for one person) and a Roto Zip was used to cut out all the openings. Was actually ...

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Part 10: Roof, Roof!

05-02-2009 08:45 PM by Scott Hildenbrand | 31 comments »

Busted my butt (and smashed my finger, argh!) getting as much done in between the rain today. The loft storage areas are done and floored and I’ve got the bulk of the rafters up now. I framed up the end overhang while I was at it so I could get the 24” OC marks in the right place. This is the back loft. It’s lower than the front one. It will also be what holds up the roosts when I get that far, via chain or rope, or something. The front loft area, up...

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Part 11: More Coop Work

05-16-2009 07:54 PM by Scott Hildenbrand | 19 comments »

Who says I don’t have my priorities straight, eh? I know what to do with my time… So… Today was a really nice day and I decided to spend some time on the coop. So what did we get done? Windows? Roof? Trim? .... ....... ................ Well… Yeah… We made it pretty.. ;) We had to move some Daylillies today.. Yes… All different kinds.. Everything on the property is a unique type.. Well.. 95% of them. The center where the nest...

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Part 12: Roof is on Plus A Few Flowers.. ;)

06-01-2009 08:27 AM by Scott Hildenbrand | 11 comments »

Ok.. Here’s the shots of the roof… I’ll be working on closing up the ends today and hopefully will have the eaves hardware clothed so they can sleep in it over night. I left the ladder kicked up against it to show just HOW I got the sheets of OSB up and how I worked on nailing everything down. Basically I centered the OSB on the ladder and PUSHED it up, laying down against the ladder and taking a step with each push. After it was beyond the ladder it slid down against...

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Part 13: First egg....

08-03-2009 11:13 AM by Scott Hildenbrand | 25 comments »

It’s ONLY been around 4 and a quarter months since we got the baby chicks. I figure they’re 130 days old or so.. Well, was out tending the coop this morning, which I do every morning, and there to the side of the waterer was an egg.. Hmmmmm.. I didn’t expect any eggs just yet! Seems the red sex-link really DO become active layers much sooner than anyone else does. Needless to say I’ll be building the nest box today.

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Part 14: Battling Rats

05-18-2010 10:48 PM by Scott Hildenbrand | 12 comments »

Since my cat died, there’s been a boom in the population of rats around the yard. I’d seen 4 out and about at any given time, though this number has been lower lately. I know they’re still there though.. I’ve decided to wage war on them and have set several snap traps. Off with their head, I say. I’m trying to make sure there is not so much collateral damage in that other critters are killed by them, but I suppose there’s no way around it. So IR...

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