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The best way to get to know the site is to click on the buttons in the toolbars. A brief description of the buttons is located on our About page. Take some time to explore and get a feel for what is all about.

What IS a GardenTender, Anyways?

By definition, a GardenTender is a garden enthusiast. To expand on that a little more, a GardenTender is a gardener who wants to show, discuss, learn, and participate in the active gardening community of And beyond that, there is a sense of honour and integrity and a strong sense of family and friendship.

What All Can I Do Here at

Showcase Your Gardening Projects is an online community where gardeners (of all levels of ability) showcase their work. To do this, you post your finished creations in the Projects section as well as write about current projects in progress in your Blog.

Share Experiences

You can talk about your gardening experiences, your goals, your inspirations, your challenges, your tips and tricks, and so much more in your personal Blog. You may post individual blog entries and if you wish, you can connect blog entries of the same topic into an ongoing series.

Help & Seek Help From Others

In the Forums section, gardeners post their questions and tips about gardening techniques, tools, and resources. If you have a question, any question, this is where to go. You can search through information already posted or start new discussions as needed.

These are six main forums on the GardenTenders website:

  • The Technical Side of Gardening
  • Gardening Tools and Accessories
  • Safety in the Garden
  • Designing Garden Spaces and Projects
  • Sweating for Bucks Through Gardening
  • Gardening Trade & Swap
  • Tea Time
  • Feedback

Skill Development

Gardeners, of all levels, continually challenge each other and themselves to try new techniques and to take their skills to a new level. Suggestions for alternative methods and materials will be found in project and blog discussions, and in the forums. Feel free to share your ideas, remembering to keep your input constructive and supportive.

The opportunity to learn and grow also takes place during Challenges and other special events that take place throughout the year.

How do I introduce myself to the other GardenTenders? is like a big family and it's nice to get to know a little about each member. Here are some tips to introduce yourself to "the family".

My Account

If you haven't already done so, when joining the group, fill out the information on your profile by clicking on "My Home" in your personal toolbar, which is located near the top of the page.

You may choose to have your nickname displayed on each of your posts or your real name. Professional gardeners, in particular, may choose to use their real name to help promote their business. For your signature, you may have a personal website that you would like displayed. Be sure to use the "http://" in front of the address to make it a live link.

(Note: you may edit the content at any time, just be sure to SAVE the changes when you are completed.)

My Garden

We hope that you will provide some information about your garden by clicking on "My Garden" in your personal toolbar.

You can post up to six pictures of your shop (the GardenTenders love to see pictures) and add a written description as well. Some people write a little story; some people make a list; and some people just keep it simple with a brief description.

You may choose to keep the location of your shop private, for safety reasons, or you may choose to be specific to help people find your location - especially if you have a business.

To mark your location on the map (either a specific location or general area) you can choose the "Locate Address" button or you can zoom and pan the map to find your location and click your mouse to mark where your garden is. This mark will be shown on the map located on your Garden page as well as on the home page of under "Most Recent Gardens". You can then see how many other GardenTenders are in your region by clicking on "View All".

Blog It

To introduce yourself you can post your first blog entry telling members about your journey in gardening and what your interests are. (See "Posting Your Own Content" for more information)

Showcase One of Your Projects

Jump right into it by showcasing your work by posting a Project or two... or three... or four... (See "Posting Your Own Content" for more information)

Post Comments

You can start your GardenTender experience by commenting on others' Projects and Blogs. (See "Reading and Commenting" for more information)

Post a Gardening Question

Perhaps you are here because you have some gardening questions. Head over to the forums and post your question there. (See "Posting Your Own Content" for more information)

DISCLAIMER: All views and comments posted by members are not necessarily those of or of those working on the site.

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Latest Projects | Latest Blog Entries | Latest Forum Topics