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08-03-2016 11:19 PM by jwarner | 0 comments »

Well, This Blog post will be kind of short. I was having issues with the City and my other property. Getting on me bout the wood and things in the yard from the Previous house I demolished, took me a few years to get the help needed to get things cleaned up. Now that everything is cleaned up, All I got to worry about is getting 2 mounds of dirt leveled out and rolled out before next years growing season. So on a good note, Everything is coming together nicely, Yard is cleaned up, Woo...

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Inside Garden #6: March 2015

03-19-2015 11:15 PM by nitepagan | 3 comments »

Late last summer, I had an aphid infestation in my inside garden, so I ended up losing everything I had been trying to grow. I have trashed everything associated with the aphids and am hoping I am done with them for this year. The inside garden was turned off for the winter to save on electricity. I have started anew with some new seed. I am using jiffy pellets, 1 seed to a pellet, using the seed I had on hand, not buying new unless I have to.A closer look at the plants. Seeds were planted...

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Barn Greenhouse #14: March 2015

03-19-2015 10:50 PM by nitepagan | 1 comment »

Well the greenhouse made it through the winter with just a few scratches.Later that day after the snow had melted some.I have survived the winter with an intact greenhouse, On the right end,of the GH, I had partially replaced the plastic with Suntuf panels. The other end is going to be rebuilt and I am planning on another 8 foot section to the greenhouse. I am going to overlap the Suntuf panels so there should be little or no leakage when it rains. The right end will be permanently closed as ...

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Renovating Your Existing Miniature Garden

11-06-2014 07:24 AM by LindaAnn | 2 comments »

Just like creating a new miniature garden, renovating an existing one is fun. You can easily go into your own world of imagination and create a miniature garden that you will love to show off. Renovation not only improves the appearance, but also extends the life of your miniature garden. Unlike renovating a full-sized garden which involves back-breaking work, miniature garden renovation is easy and you can do it in few hours. Here are some tips to get you started. Gather the necessary ...

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Vegetable Garden - 2014 #1: The Beginning...

05-24-2014 07:15 PM by littlecope | 4 comments »

It has been a l-o-o-ong time since I’ve had a Vegetable Garden, last one was some time in the 1980’s! Truth is, I haven’t had a plot of ground to try my luck in… Still don’t…But our Landlord offered a small space to us in the backyard… It has Good Soil, and will get plenty of Sunshine so, why not?!With his encouragement, I tilled the ground last week, using an antique/hand-operated tiller… Yesterday, Debbie and I went to the local Hardware (in t...

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Garden Journey 2014 #2: Time to relax?

03-10-2014 12:09 AM by justjoel | 5 comments »

So, spring is in the air! Actually, around here, in the high desert of Northern Nevada, it’s been blowing around for the past month – which isn’t necessarily a good thing, even if it extends our growing season this year. With our local change of climate these past years, and especially this year, it’s not only the possibility still of a killing spring freeze that worrys us, getting our fruit trees’ hopes & blooms up, then a major frost coming through and literally nipping the trees ...

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Garden Journey 2014 #1: Farm Tours

03-09-2014 03:42 PM by justjoel | 6 comments »

In an effort to become more involved in the local farm-to-table ventures and adventures, I’ve toured a couple of local urban farms in the last month, something I should have done long before. Not that there’s any moss growing on my butt or anything, but these were obvious places for me to visit, so I’m glad I’ve finally stepped away from the weeds in my own garden to see how the pros grow it. Yesterday I visited Urban Roots, an urban farm which is largely dedicated to teaching kids whe...

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Inside Garden #2: Summer Into Fall

11-25-2013 06:34 PM by nitepagan | 0 comments »

Now that I had a grow rack that I could grow some plants in, I needed to start growing stuff. It was the middle of summer, so I could do stuff outdoors, but I decided I needed to find out how good was my grow rack going to work and could I actually grow veggies through the winter with my setup. I had read about how the lights were not strong enough for plants to flower and grow fruit. Most of this information was coming from medical marijuana growers, who were growing for their own use or for...

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Garden Journey 2013 #8: Tomato Harvest

10-03-2013 10:57 AM by justjoel | 6 comments »

My tomatoes are finally coming in fairly steadily, but then again the cold weather is starting in on us a little early too. I’ve been covering them here and there, watching the forecasts and checking the actual temperature each night. I’ve re-used plastic table cloths from a work event to cover them, coupled with some utility lights underneath to provide a little extra heat. The cold has all but killed some of the more delicate flowers and my cucumbers, squash & melons, bu...

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It's Not Over Till It's Over

09-25-2013 04:20 PM by nitepagan | 4 comments »

It’s been awhile since have posted on my blog. The greenhouse is still being worked on, I have to build some doors for it and the ends of the greenhouse are not completely covered yet. I will be working on it tomorrow, but have to pick up some more vinyl to complete the project. The sides and top have been completely covered. I have setup two planters inside the GH, they are attached to the GH frame to make sure the GH stays put in the cold icy winds of the winter. One of th...

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