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Barn Greenhouse #14: March 2015

03-19-2015 10:50 PM by nitepagan | 1 comment »

Well the greenhouse made it through the winter with just a few scratches.Later that day after the snow had melted some.I have survived the winter with an intact greenhouse, On the right end,of the GH, I had partially replaced the plastic with Suntuf panels. The other end is going to be rebuilt and I am planning on another 8 foot section to the greenhouse. I am going to overlap the Suntuf panels so there should be little or no leakage when it rains. The right end will be permanently closed as ...

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Barn Greenhouse #13: After The Winter

07-11-2014 07:19 AM by nitepagan | 2 comments »

Last winter was devastating on the new greenhouse, the Suntuf panels made it through the winter but not so for the flexible vinyl sheeting. By the end of the winter most of the vinyl panels would be blown out. So this spring, I started striipping the old off and replacing the vinyl with the Suntuf roof panels. At the very bottom of the greenhouse, I put Smart Siding to fill in the last space, Smart Siding is primed T-111 sheeting, which gives good resistance to the weather. I am now ...

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Poly Brolly Greenhouse

06-17-2014 06:52 AM by ReubenD | 1 comment »

Not so long ago my neighbour put up an absolutely enormous greenhouse. I am talking the kind of structure you could easily have lived in. Full of the joys of early ripened tomatoes and two foot long cucumbers, he regaled me with long (and boring) tales of glass types and the optimum positioning for year-round sunlight. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have always liked the idea of growing my own veggies but I have kids. And therefore a lawn, a swing-set and a trampoline. No space for a...

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Barn Greenhouse #12: Addendum

01-05-2014 11:19 AM by nitepagan | 14 comments »

Oh-Oh, So far we have had a brutal winter, my northern friends have had it a bit tougher. I was going to wait till spring to mention this, but it’s January, I know the sun is starting to get higher in the sky, well at least in my heart it is. But, I should not spare you the events that have happened. So, I am going to spill the beans. We had this ice storm, I had thought we had survived it ok, but when I went out to look, I found the vinyl covering had been torn in several places...

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It's Not Over Till It's Over

09-25-2013 04:20 PM by nitepagan | 4 comments »

It’s been awhile since have posted on my blog. The greenhouse is still being worked on, I have to build some doors for it and the ends of the greenhouse are not completely covered yet. I will be working on it tomorrow, but have to pick up some more vinyl to complete the project. The sides and top have been completely covered. I have setup two planters inside the GH, they are attached to the GH frame to make sure the GH stays put in the cold icy winds of the winter. One of th...

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Barn Greenhouse #10: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

09-06-2013 08:12 AM by nitepagan | 10 comments »

Well the structure is pretty much completed, now to cover it. Because of my money situation, I was going to use plastic. All the plastic I found was between translucent and opaque, leaning toward opaque. I did not build this greenhouse to be opaque. I did put up one end on the greenhouse and here’s how it looked. Am I to build a mancave or what? I spend the next two weeks trying to find an acceptable alternative. I had seen vinyl, but none of the greenhouse places mentioned vinyl...

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Barn Greenhouse #9: The Hard Part Is Mostly Done!!!

08-18-2013 08:09 AM by nitepagan | 1 comment »

What a relief it was to get the end walls up and sturdy enough to go to the next step. The next step was to install the 2×4 joist hangers and mount the ridge board. The board that got mounted ended up being slightly bowed upward. I think it originally was sagging, but then when I redid the end framing, it got turned over and became a high spot. Next was to build the rafters which were to connect to the ridge board. I used three kreg screws to join the two pieces together. One of t...

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2013 #69: Project Greenhouse - continues

08-15-2013 08:37 AM by MsDebbieP | 4 comments »

Aug. 15/13 Do you remember my greenhouse adventure? Of course you do—unless you hadn’t read it in the first place. If you have read it before you are probably still chuckling. I just read it again and was laughing out loud—again. So the update was that I had to take it down for the winter so that the wind and snow didn’t destroy it. But.. there was absolutely no way it was going to go back up again. If I thought things were “close” the first time, we...

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Barn Greenhouse #8: The Hard Part

08-11-2013 07:17 AM by nitepagan | 9 comments »

Just when I thought everything was on track and was going smoothly, I ran into a stone wall and nothing seemed to be right. I had put up the other end of the roof, but it was out of alignment. If you look really closely you can see the sky between those two boards. I was able to fix that ok by removing the header board on the doorway and shortening that a little. But still things were not lining up properly and was the peak to just sit in the sky with no support. Well, I had to find a ...

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Barn Greenhouse #7: Wow, Did This Really Happen

08-02-2013 03:02 PM by nitepagan | 4 comments »

If you read my last post, I was expecting the right and left roof sections not to line up as they should. So, how could this happen? When I assembled the left side of the roof, the center piece did not line up where it should have, I was off by about 1/2”, seemed like just the amount which I had too much of on the right side of the roof. I had to move the center post on the left section of the roof. I remeasured everything and everything was as it should have been. The only thing...

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