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04-25-2011 07:12 PM by Trumpetvine | 18 comments »

Well, here goes….I am really unsure about how to do things here on Garden tenders yet, so I hope I do this right & put it in the right format. I love COLEUS & am trying to gather as many different varieties as I can this summer. I love the pops of color that they add to the shade beds. This 1st pic is of a variety named ALABAMA This next one is called PINEAPPLE This one is RED RUFFLES This is RAINBOW MIX This is STAINED GLASS This is RED KONG This is WIZARD MIX I don̵...

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Beautiful Food #2: Knee high by 4th of Jan

01-07-2011 05:42 AM by daltxguy | 6 comments »

2 feet of rain in September, followed by 8 weeks drought in spring with 30C+ temps ( 90F+) followed by too much rain and a flood from the same storm which is (still) dumping on the Aussies got things off to a strange start but the combination of the moisture and heat and long days has brought things right in a hurry. The corn is knee high by 4th of Jan so we must be on schedule! and there is a veritable food forest thing happening. Here you can see the corn in the forefront, the sorghu...

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Garden Journey 2011 #5: August

08-09-2011 04:26 AM by justjoel | 7 comments »

Well, I let June finish and July slip by without updating this, so things have grown a bit since last time I was here, especially the gourds. The “fancy mix” ones on the back trellis were doing so well I had to extend the trellises up some and remove two of the plants (that I expected to do). Got these former arch pieces for free from a garage sale when I bought something else; all I did was ask, “what were those things?” Gourd flower and a bee doing thei...

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This Year's Harvest #4: Si Gua and more Don Gua

11-09-2010 03:06 PM by chscholz | 8 comments »

Another vegetable we’ve been harvesting for a while: Si Gua. And of course there is always more don gua, Seven more to come. Just hope the frost stays away a few more weeks…

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Beautiful Food #6: How to grow a broom

04-08-2011 05:32 PM by daltxguy | 11 comments »

The red broom corn ( sorghum bicolor) has matured and the seed heads are now a brilliant reddish color ( as advertised). I didn’t really know how it goes from plant to broom so I looked it up and here is what I found out:When the seed peduncles ( isn’t that a fun word?) begin to turn from a yellowish color to a light green color then the seed heads should be cut off. Now, isn’t that strange? Normally things go from green to yellow in the fall. Nope these go gr...

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Hydroponics on the cheap for a beginner #1: Getting started...collecting supplies

08-01-2011 08:36 AM by Jimthecarver | 4 comments »

To begin, I am in no way a pro in hydroponics. A search for a how to video on youtube showed many ways to grow your own veggies hydroponically. I decided to try the bucket bubbler type of hydro system. It uses a grey or black bucket a lid, 12” piece of 3/4 pvc, end cap, air pump for a fish aquarium, air stone, 1/4” tubing, and a small grow basket or I used a gardening runoff grate cap for a four” pipe.I will take pics of the build process and hopefully inspire others to try ...

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Spring Preparation!

04-10-2011 01:42 PM by Vallyncia | 2 comments »

Finally spring has come!My seedlings will be moving to their new homes soon (although not as soon as I would have liked, spring has not been overly warm here yet). I will be getting the patio cleaned off as soon as it stops raining outside. My entire patio garden is getting an overhaul this year in the hopes that we will be to use the patio instead of just having it be essentially a greenhouse like it was last year. I didn’t mind so much, but my husband would like to be able to use the ...

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Spring 2

09-13-2010 06:53 AM by daltxguy | 4 comments »

The rains have moved in and when I get out in between rain drops, there are always some fresh surprises. We’ve been busy repositioning some blueberries, planting some more fruit trees ( apple, feijoa ) propagating peaches and black currants. We’ve dug the last of our winter potatoes ( and any forgotten ones are simply filling in the spaces again), first of the broccoli is ready to be picked and our rhubarb is just exploding this year after a couple of years getting settled in. ...

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Garden Journey 2011 #7: October-November

11-19-2011 02:20 AM by justjoel | 6 comments »

We had some surprisingly nasty cold weather (in the low 20s several nights in a row) the last couple of weeks of October, and though covered, it finished off my basil, legumes and tomatoes. Still had plenty of basil and tomatoes that I could have harvested too, so that really bummed me out, man. I did get to make a triple batch of pesto before it hit, but that was for and event – didn’t get a chance to make any to freeze for later use or gifts.The tomatoes were coming in fine just before the ...

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Garden State - 2010

09-17-2010 01:47 PM by justjoel | 5 comments »

The tomatoes finally turn bright and cheery, their mood seeming to spread too quickly now amongst their friends for me to deal with. Second-generation snap peas compete for the twine that knitted their ancestors together. New broccoli, romaine and spinach shoot up tiny hands, grasping for sunbeams to pull themselves up by. The once proud sunflowers now hunch over, becoming gloomy and streaked with gray, as if knowing the Dante-esque destiny that awaits them in my oven. White and o...

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