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Blue Language

1341 days ago by Weedwacker | 9 comments »

“If you are looking for me,” my answering machine reports, “I’m still in the blueberries. When I get my life back, I’ll give you a call.” The good news is that I have passed the peak of the picking when I picked three and a half buckets. Took me close to 5 hours. Now the tops of the bushes are nude and the ripening fruit is all down on the lower half which means you feel like you have planted a rice field by the time you are done. The weather has c...

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Misc #7: SPICE of Life: Creativity

1340 days ago by MsDebbieP | 6 comments »

Progressing through out “SPICES”, we look at Creativity and the impact gardening has on this area of our development. Creativity is a vital part of living a healthy life. It comes into play with problem-solving, with envisioning possibilities, and with expressing one’s inner self, (to name a few areas). As gardeners, we are constantly being creative – from planning our gardens regarding contents as well as lay-out, to finding ways to work with Mother Nature. Ther...

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My First Garden #7: Blossoms

1343 days ago by Roostermiester | 4 comments »

I was out taking some pics of the garden the other day and thought I’d post a couple blossom shots. The pumpkins only open in the morning. You can see a couple watermelons stariting to fatten up next to them. The sunflowers have started to sag and shrivle, I think due to the cucumbers blocking their sun, but the smaller blossoms are still looking happy.

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My Current and Future Gardening Projects #15: Too Long

1343 days ago by Brat Princess In The Garden | 2 comments »

Well its not been the quiet Summer I had planned for, but it never is. Had to get a new computer then some other things happened, anyway hoping for a quiet Autumn. I know I am a bit early for that but I am ready for it. Let me update some stuff for you. Homemade Bird Feeder: Still works like a charm but the birds are not having much interest in the food anymore. ??Container Gardens: Still beautiful, dying off for the change in weather though, they say its going to be outrageous hot ...

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Raised Garden Beds #1: Aluminum Can Wall Raised Garden Beds

1400 days ago by coloradogirl | 21 comments »

I read that raised garden beds are the way to go in Colorado, with our less than perfect soil. But what material to use was the question. Wood seemed the obvious choice, but expensive and high maintenance. That’s when Tom, my Fiance, suggested aluminum can walls. Building them out of aluminum cans and cement seemed like something I could do myself. This whole aluminum can wall, raised garden beds project, gave me a way to dispose of the mountain of beer and soda cans Tom, had accumulate...

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Are we as clever as we think we are?

472 days ago by MsDebbieP | 3 comments »

Dec. 31/12 the back-storyThe snow has piled on the roof of my porch… and has started leaking through some spot in the roof into my porch… and into the storage places filled with “stuff”. (Anyone want to come here and climb up on the roof to clear it off?) the middle-storyOne of the treasures amongst “the stuff” is a collection of scrapbooks of my Mom’s. She has put together dozens of these books and on one of her cleaning sprees she cleaned out ...

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Rare Parrot Flower

2239 days ago by Karson | 37 comments »

Someone sent me these pictures. This is a flower from Thailand. It is also a protected species. It is not allowed to be exported. This will be the only way we will be able to view this flower. Some info on the flower.

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Life #3: Ready For Winter Sowing

1629 days ago by Brad | 30 comments »

It won’t be long until I be readying myself for what I’ve heard some call, Winter Sowing. Have you heard of it?It’s where you use things like milk jugs, plastic containers, etc….fill with potting soil and seeds…...leave it outside ALL winter…..then in early spring you have your little miniature greenhouses full of sprouting seeds.I’ve been doing it for a few years and always have great results. You really do get flowers a lot earlier. I use milk ...

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Winter Planning for Sea Buckthorn 2011 Season - Seeds, Plants, Dreams

1182 days ago by Tom | 20 comments »

Sea Buckthorn / Sea Berry Seeds!The New England region in the United States has, so far, experienced a snowy season. Shoveling, plowing, salting walkways etc has taken up more time than I can recall compared to recent years. The silver lining is the sea buckthorn plants in the ground for their first winter here have a cozy layer of snow over them. Protected from extreme cold changes and especially the winter winds should increase their winter survival chances. This spring I will be lookin...

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Harvest Time #10: Red Tomato Relish

1988 days ago by Scott Hildenbrand | 12 comments »

Well, I’d been sharing the “winners” with you all on recipes that have been drop dead wonderful, so I thought I’d send over the latest few. This one is for Red Tomato Relish.. It’s everything I was hoping the green tomato ketchup would have been. 1 bucket tomatoes (2 gallons) 1 C of 90 grain vinegar 2 C sugar 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp allspice 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp cloves 1/2 tsp chili powder 4 green peppers 4 small onions Scald t...

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