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Planned Laziness #2: A Wild Garden

08-15-2010 06:51 PM by Radicalfarmergal | 23 comments »

Do you want color, texture and beauty, but you don’t want to be sowing seeds, digging up your gardens every spring and fall and weeding out unwanted plants in between? Perhaps you too might want to create a wild garden instead of a bed of winter sensitive annuals. By wild, I do not mean that I am trying to recreate the wilderness. Instead I mean to copy nature’s inspiration and plant or encourage attractive flowers, shrubs, trees and grasses in locations and patterns where they will thrive...

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Growing My Way to Freedom #3: Sea Buckthorn Berry Jelly

08-28-2009 07:48 PM by Radicalfarmergal | 42 comments »

This morning I decided that my Sea Buckthorn berries were ripe and ready to pick. I have been eagerly waiting for this day because this is the first year we have had enough of a harvest to do anything and it looks like a bumper crop! Initially, I had two wonderful helpers with me. They love to go blueberry, raspberry, currant and apple picking so they were quite excited by the idea. Unfortunately, they quickly became discouraged and I was soon the only one picking. Picking the berries is...

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Container Gardening #1: "Digging" Container Gardening

01-31-2010 04:00 PM by Brad | 15 comments »

Why would I container garden? Good question! Suppose you were in this predicament: You resided in an apartment, or maybe you live in a condo with no yard space? What if you were like so many gardeners who actually have a great garden space, but just need “a little something” on the front porch? A container garden is exactly what you need. Many gardeners will even strategically add containers to their flower garden or amidst their flower beds, just to fill a void that nothing...

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Harvest Time #9: Green Cherry Tomato Pickles "FROST! Harvest" Recipe

10-27-2008 11:08 PM by Scott Hildenbrand | 31 comments »

So what do you do when there are still tomatoes on the vines but frost is coming in fast? Well, you do a mad dash harvest run! So, now that you have so many green cherry tomatoes, what then? Why, whip up a batch of green cherry tomato pickles! Was the wifes’ idea to do that… Still got plenty of tomatoes on hand however, so tomorrow I’m going to dig up everything I need to make some green (and some red) tomato ketchup. :) Still got plenty of figs on the f...

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Chickens in the garden

01-10-2008 03:55 PM by XploreOrganics | 45 comments »

Before we moved to our new home we discussed having chickens. We would get a few for eggs and perhaps even a few meat birds…BOY WAS I WRONG. I should have known better that with my personality those birds would win me over – BIGTIME. We moved into our new home and that summer decided to get 3 hens of almost laying age off a local farmer. We would not name them in fear of getting “attached”. When we spoke of them it was the red one, the black one and the mu...

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New Forum Category - Garden Tours & Art

08-19-2010 08:06 AM by Michal Bulla | 3 comments »

Few weeks ago I received a message from Jroot if we should have Garden Tours & Art forum category. Since there are some forum topics already that fit in this category, I decided to finally creat the category and I moved 2 topics in it. If you find any related topics, please let me know and I will move them to our new Garden Tours & Art forum. Enjoy!

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Raised Garden Beds #1: Aluminum Can Wall Raised Garden Beds

06-17-2010 12:29 PM by coloradogirl | 21 comments »

I read that raised garden beds are the way to go in Colorado, with our less than perfect soil. But what material to use was the question. Wood seemed the obvious choice, but expensive and high maintenance. That’s when Tom, my Fiance, suggested aluminum can walls. Building them out of aluminum cans and cement seemed like something I could do myself. This whole aluminum can wall, raised garden beds project, gave me a way to dispose of the mountain of beer and soda cans Tom, had accumulate...

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2008-11 Edibles #62: oh my back ---

08-14-2010 06:54 PM by MsDebbieP | 18 comments »

August 14/10 most of today was spent in the kitchen. At the end of the day I have: 7 quarts of sweet pickles 5 quarts of stewed tomatoes 5 trays of dehydrated cherry tomatoes (my 3rd dehydrator full of produce) With tons of tomatoes still ripening, I’m in the process of finding out which preserving technique is best for which type of tomato. Cherry tomatoes: work great in the dehydrator. I just quarter them, leaving a smidgen of skin holding the sections together. This ...

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My Containers for 2010 #1: Aug. 16

08-16-2010 06:26 PM by Bon | 7 comments »

This is most of my containers for this year. <div></div>

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My New Pink Hibiscus #1: Aug. 2010

08-16-2010 05:45 PM by Bon | 7 comments »

I traded one of my red hibiscus with a friend for this pretty pink one.I have a feeling it is a tropical and has to be brought in for the winter but I’m kinda hoping it’s a hardy perennial that I can just plant in the garden.I need some help from our experts to ID this plant please.I tried to get pics from all angles and the stems and leaves. The friend I got it from knows nothing about it. <div></div>

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