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Raising Chickens Naturally

01-18-2008 08:07 AM by XploreOrganics | 7 comments »

So you’ve decided to fill your garden with joyful chickens…Here are a few tips on raising chickens naturally…Happy healthy chickens make for healthy eggs and less hassle. Shelter: Chickens will need adequate shelter. This will depend on your climate and predators. Chickens will need a draft-free dry coop with adequate ventilation. If your climate is cold a heat source should be available for winter. A solid concrete floor or a raised coop are ideal as this will ma...

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Seed Saving #2: Dont thow away that xmas paper!

11-26-2007 06:21 PM by XploreOrganics | 17 comments »

If you’re not ready to run out and buy seed envelopes, make your own beautiful seed envelopes by recycling that xmas papper…Great fun on a stormy evening for the whole family. Beautiful christmas paper should not end up in the landfill. It is always exciting to see the lovely handmade envelopes that get sent to me when trading seeds. I sketched up a diagram on how you can make your own simple self-closing seed pocket. Enjoy!

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Seed Saving & Swapping #1: Challenge For 2011

07-18-2011 03:37 PM by Bon | 70 comments »

Hi everyone.I would like to challenge all GardenTenders to start saving their seeds for trading this fall and for your own use next year.I have a list of tips and suggestions for you and I hope everyone will participate and join in on the fun.This will be a private swap so that everyone gets the types of seeds they are looking for. TipsNearly all seed comes from the flower when it dies off.Let the flower heads or seed pods completely dry out before storing them away.Fall is usually a g...

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End of the season and time to reflect #2: The heirloom Tomatoes season 2009

09-22-2009 07:02 AM by Bob | 21 comments »

This was a good year for tomatoes here . Off to a slow start with cold and snow, it recovered in June and has been warm and sunny for the remainder of the summer right up into September.We have had little rain which caused a bit of over watering and splitting of some fruit but other than that, it was a wonderful year from both quantity and quality

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Recipe: Pumpernickel Bread

02-26-2009 06:57 AM by MsDebbieP | 11 comments »

A discussion took place, over at re: the awards of making homemade bread – without a breadmaker machine. I said that I would post my Pumpernickel recipe here. Yeast 3 packages of yeast (6 3/4 tsp) 1 1/2 c. warm water.Note: the make-up of the rye flour kills off the yeast, I guess, and so you need lots of yeast to make it rise. Next: Once “the yeast has riz”, add 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp caraway seed (oooh it smells so yummy) 2 tbsp shortening...

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Barn Greenhouse #11: It's Finally Done

11-05-2013 10:21 AM by nitepagan | 8 comments »

I have delayed putting the final touches on the blog, as I wanted to make sure the GH was finished before I finished the write up. The doors, both ends of the GH are identical. This will lend itself to my plans for next years garden and ease of access for watering the plants in the greenhouse. I started looking at the cost of lumber for the doors and ended up deciding that cost was too great, so I ripped a 2×4 into 3/4 inch pieces, the pieces were 3/4” x 1 1/2” x 8R...

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Tomato Trellis Idea

05-22-2012 05:10 AM by Tom | 5 comments »

Like most people I have tried a number of things and been impressed with ideas from other gardeners. These were used last year and held up great. They are not too difficult or expensive to make. They also are easily moved and I think will last for years. Materials:1-Wire Concrete reinforcing panel2-u-channel green fence posts2- pre-cut balusters4- bolts/nuts/washers5-wire staples Step 1:Using two bolts for each post, drill holes in baluster to align with existing holes in gre...

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Growing My Way to Freedom #15: Happy Father's Day Cherry Pie

06-20-2010 06:28 PM by Radicalfarmergal | 16 comments »

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads out there! Three years ago, I planted two dwarf North Star pie cherry trees. I chose the North Star cherry because it is hardy, cold tolerant and prolific. It does not grow larger than four meters high, making it relatively easy to harvest. Last summer, one of the trees mysteriously died right after we harvested a few cherries ( We might have eaten one cherry each); this year the remaining tree provided us with enough cherries to make a...

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Garden Layout "Map" - Tutorial

02-16-2010 08:36 AM by MsDebbieP | 8 comments »

Feb 16/10 In case anyone is interested, I thought I’d show how I created my garden plans. There are many ways of doing things and this may not be the simplest but it’s how I do it. 1. SCREENSHOT: I use a photo of my property taken from Google Earth. I’m pretty sure there is no copyright issues around this as long as you give Google Earth credit. So—credit to Google Earth :)To take the photo I use the screen print option. (on the Mac it is shift-control-3). I then...

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Rain Gardens

05-27-2009 01:51 PM by thegardenofoz | 3 comments »

Background Rain gardens are planned gardens that capture, and filter, rain water that would otherwise run off, or through, your property. Runoff is a serious problem where increased development has replaced land with impervious surfaces … roads, roofs, patios, etc. that preclude rainwater from soaking into the ground. Problems Associated with Rainwater Runoff - Pollution of streams and water supplies as rainwater picks up chemicals from roads, lawns, farms, and parking lots. - ...

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