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Winter 2014-2015 #1: Oh how I want Winter to leave already!

02-24-2015 05:27 PM by erika | 1 comment »

I broke my ankle very badly last Spring. That kept me housebound, rolling around in a wheelchair. I didn’t get back in the garden until September. Basically, I missed the whole warm season. So, I’ve had a double whammy of cold weather and I’ve had it up to here.Oh well, I’m not the only one complaining and it is the end of February. With March we should get warmer, shouldn’t we? Where is this Global Warming those yahoos were panicking over?

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Can't Wait for Summer!

01-12-2015 11:30 AM by jwarner | 1 comment »

I can’t wait for late Spring to get here or even early Spring to get some of my Plants started for Summer Planting. I rescently tore down the house next to me that I bought. Now I have a BIGGER yard for myself and my Dogs to Roam around Plus a Garden Plot I can get going. I’m thnking of building 4 to 6 Beds 4×4 with Cinderblocks 2 High. This will also give me the ability to Plant some border Plants in the holes of the Blocks to prevent Pest from getting to my Plants. ...

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A Quick Garden Cleanup

12-08-2014 11:21 AM by ReubenD | 1 comment »

I have to confess that when winter arrives, I usually ran around the garden and pile everything from furniture to kids toys into the sun room. Having turned the sun room into a games room and bar earlier this year, I suddenly find myself without anywhere for the piles of stuff that simply won’t survive a NY winter outside. The intention had been to build a decent sized barn for the animals this summer and include a hay loft and some storage for the garden bits and pieces, but with on...

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The Smart Garden

12-02-2014 02:28 AM by ReubenD | 0 comments »

Even though we grow the vast majority of our own vegetables and fruits (and herbs) in our rather expansive gardens, we are a modern family. The push towards more organic has actually been in large part due to our modern knowledge of the real effects of the fertilization and insect control methods of years past. I often laugh when it is implied that my organic methods are throwback methods to years gone by as the fact is while they share some commonality with methods of many years ago, it is m...

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Welcome to Winter (And the Icy Steps of Doom)

11-26-2014 01:01 PM by ReubenD | 0 comments »

It can no longer be avoided – winter is officially here and somehow we seemed to complete bypass fall and go straight into sub zero temperatures and snow. My wife insists that fall did, in fact, happen but I don’t think that 2 days of attractive leaves constitutes a fall (much like only one day of genuine heat does not constitute a summer!). So, completely taken aback by the incursi of winter, the garden is nowhere near ready. Some of the garden furniture is already irretrievab...

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Jasmine & Tippy

11-26-2014 03:47 AM by MsDebbieP | 6 comments »

Just to let my GT friends know … we had to say good-bye to our cat Jasmine a couple of weeks ago. She was about 17 years of age and had lots of health issues. She wasn’t well. And who is Tippy?Well, at the end of August this year we were the recipient of a “drop-off” kitten who became the neighbourhood cat (remind you of Gabby?). Anyway, we refused to pet him although all he craved was to get on anyone’s lap and to get indoors. We did, however feed him, as he ...

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Importance of Portable Greenhouses

11-10-2014 11:13 AM by malinda | 0 comments »

Many people love to plant trees and plants in their gardens. However, the harsh sunlight in this busy city makes your plant or tree wither away. The extreme weather conditions can be very dangerous to the growth of the trees and can even destroy them. All your problems are solved with the setup of a greenhouse. A greenhouse is a glass building in which growth of the plants are protected from extreme weather conditions such as harsh sunlight and cold weather. However, it is always not possible...

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Renovating Your Existing Miniature Garden

11-06-2014 07:24 AM by LindaAnn | 2 comments »

Just like creating a new miniature garden, renovating an existing one is fun. You can easily go into your own world of imagination and create a miniature garden that you will love to show off. Renovation not only improves the appearance, but also extends the life of your miniature garden. Unlike renovating a full-sized garden which involves back-breaking work, miniature garden renovation is easy and you can do it in few hours. Here are some tips to get you started. Gather the necessary ...

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Lattice for Peas and Beans

11-04-2014 06:41 AM by ReubenD | 0 comments »

One of the goals for next year’s garden (as mentioned in another post) is to make it more hospitable. Rather than just utilitarian, since it is virtually all of the back yard, to make it a place we can still gather and entertain with a few walk ways and benches. With the additional space we have gained by getting the area from the adjacent lot especially, we can spread out a little and make the gardens both functional and decorative. Along that theme I am thinking of replacing the posts wi...

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My Terrace Garden Today (20/10/2014)

10-20-2014 12:12 PM by sharad | 2 comments »

This year the season is favorable to my flower and vegetable garden. Here is just a glimpse of my garden in October. Hibiscus Colorful Bougainvillea Overall Look Flower Red Okra Red Okra Bottle Gourd Smooth Gourd Colocasia Butterfly* Sharad

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